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Supplements for big gains


Supplements for big gains

A few people were asking me for more information about some supplements they could use to help with PE, so I comprised a list of what I would think would probably be the 3 best items you could purchase to help.

All of these items center around 1 thing; vascularity. Meaning the ducts that convey fluids in the body. Mainly blood.

*** I am not learned in the medical field, nor am I personal trainer. I just work at a gym and know a thing or two about the different products. I do use all 3 of them and have to say they work great for muscle gains. But knowing how they’re designed to work I would have to assume they can only help with our PEing efforts. Long story short = don’t blame me if you hurt your dick using these. I’m just throwing out ideas. I use them and would have to say they’ve helped me since I’ve re picked up PE. ***

N.O. Explode

N.O. Explode is a nitric oxide level booster. The main thing it does is open up your veins, capillaries and other blood transporting tubes in your body which leads to your muscles (and your penis!) becoming engorged with blood. When working out your muscles this helps with the transfer of materials into and out of the blood stream. Out with the bad in the with good at an accelerated rate, basically. This would help with PE when jelqing and doing other exercises where force is exerted on capillaries and whatnot by making them push harder against you while you squeeze down on them. It basically intensifies jelqing/clamping sessions and gives you more energy than you’ll know what to do with. You’re gonna want some ass after you’re done with your sessions..

I would also have to note that this product really helps with keeping a maintained erection during jelqing. It’s great for that alone. Dick going limp? Just do a few kegels and watch what happens.

And since the BC is a muscle it benefits from the muscle enhancing side of N.O Explode; huge “pumps”. Meaning more blood is pumped into the muscle as you use it. This equals a super noticeable increase in strength. Forget lifting washcloths when kegeling.I can lift bath towels.

Nitrix is basically a slow release dose of nitrix oxide. Instead of having a large dose of nitric oxide and making your caps dilate really big for a few minutes these pills slowly release the chemical into your body over time keeping your caps dilated through out the day. This translates into better blood flow into your dick after your routine and it’s time to heal up and even better blood flow while you wear your weights or other devices. Think of it as a hot wrap on crack that you have on all day. Even during your routine.

This one does a lot. Waximaize sucks out excess water that lays right under the skin. This results in more pressure being asserted directly onto the caps and whatnot. Also with the decrease in water the veins show up a lot more, resulting in a big veiny dick for your lover to play with. It also increases blood volume which increases your vascularity and makes every jelq stroke more effective. Best part about this product is that it skips your stomach and goes straight into your blood stream. Meaning you receive 100% of the product instead of a small percentage being discarded by the stomach and it goes straight to work when it’s taken.
It’s like penis heroin. Don’t worry. No needles are used. Unless you’re into that I guess.


Continuous use of Nitrix and N.O explode is bad! They should be used as the directions state for about 6-10 weeks straight then you should take a break for about 4 weeks before starting to use them again. Using most vascularity supplements puts your liver and kidneys to work and you don’t want to over work them. I hear kidney stones are a bitch..

If you have heart problems N.O explode and Nitrix aren’t for you. Sometimes more blood flow isn’t exactly a good thing..

That website is the cheapest place to get these. Unless you find a good deal on eBay.

If you can only get 1 item get N.O Explode. If you can get 2 get N.O Explode and Nitrix. They are made by the same company and are “designed” to work together. If you can get all 3 go for it. And send me some $ too if you don’t mind!!

Like I stated earlier, I am just re picking up PE. I basically have about a 9 period month to gain as much as possible, unless the gf doesn’t freak out when I tell her. I’ve been using only N.O Explode so far, but plan to purchase some Nitrix and Waximaize in a few days. My measurements as of today are:
BPEL - 7 1/4
BPFL - 4 1/8
EG - 4 1/2
FG - 4 1/4
My goals are: (really just as much as I can during the time frame.but if I had to use numbers)
BPEL - 8 1/2 - 9
BPFL - don’t really care
EG - 5 1/2
FG - don’t really care
Where I want to go in case she doesn’t trip and I can continue to PE:

Are my goals achievable during my 9 month period? Do people “normally” gain 1 inch in 9 months girth or length wise?

I’m pretty sure these supplements will add to my girth gains, but I feel it may not help TOO much with length gains except maybe keep the ducts open wider while it’s being stretched so I won’t develope ‘pinched’ ducts as I’ve read some people have.

Anyway!! Hope this was helpful! Let me know what you think. Ill keep you updated on my gains.

Sounds good, I would try anything for some gain. What about soreness? Would you say that amino acids could help after a PE workout? I’m a new kid on the block and am absorbing as much info as I can before I start really working out, but even light routine is plenty sore right now.

Well, I know the supplement glutamine is a big help with muscle recovery. I can’t really say what it would do for the jimmy, though. All of the supplements I listed promote better blood flow. That can only help, right?

Thunder, were you telling me to not hold my breath or did you mean him? I think 1 inch is feasible. Looking at other’s results they seem to grow between 3/4 - 1in around that time. Most of the ones I read had gained that in half a year. I’m gonna try to be positive and reach my goals.

Yeah I agree with you. I wouldn’t even touch these supplements unless your diet is right. However, a few months ago I weighed 125 lbs. I now weigh 150 with 8% body fat following a bodybuilder’s diet of high carbs, high protein and healthy fats totaling around 3500 calories a day. If I gain really well I would attribute it to my diet before the supps. They just serve to make what I’m doing 3 times as effective. Especially since the 3 I named focus on filling your ‘blood compartments’ and the filling of these is a major factor in PE.

Try this: buy some N.O. Explode and don’t do any kind of exercises. You’ll be walking around with Mt Fuji in your pants.

Are you a N.O Explode rep? Seriously.

The reason you have gained 25lbs is largely due to Newbie gains in weightlifting.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Glutamine is awesome for body building, but I don’t know that it would help any for PE. I mean, muscle vs. lig kinda thing.

Realistically you don’t have to pay these prices,L-arginine,L-citrulline,are all available at your local CVS, or Wahl-Mart for three bucks or so a bottle.

Also Ostio Bi-Flex is great for cartilage, and joints.

Just throwing this out there, I used to buy “Big Name” and it left me broke, In the same note it also gives you a mental edge to go the distance when you invest in items to enhance your workout.

But if you do want to save your money research the ingredients and shop around.

Haha. No I don’t work for N.O Explode. I produce music. Totally different field. I just know that it works really well.

What does citrulline do, Irish? I never heard of that one. I agree with you though about investing the money. If you pay for it you’re more likely to use it.

Good thread. Arginine really gets me going and I have been using the “CVS WALMART $3 a bottle” stuff and it does do a good job. But its not for the same use (frequency). If you want to match the dose of the NO Explode stuff you have to take 3-5 pills of the Arginine from Walmart. Powder just seems easier to me.

Jeez.wish I would have known about the wal-mart brand earlier.. Do they have glutamine? And isn’t arginine the supplement that makes you produce a lot of nut? I noticed that ingredient is on the label of a lot of supplements, but I could have sworn I read about it being used for sperm production.

Hey B.P. Citrulline is the third ingredient in NITRIX, it breaks down the arginine and converts to nitric oxide.

Between CVS, Wallgreens,etc.etc.last case scenario G.N.C.(this store is also more expensive,But carrys everything.)you can find all of the ingredients to most of the fast gain dick pills.

Of course they don’t work but some of the things in those pills could go hand in hand with a PE routine to enhance your workout.

And yes you can find glutamine for less also,save your money man your just paying them to go to the store and buy it, mix the stuff up, and wrap it in a fancy container.

N.O. Explode and Nitrix?! Is this a joke? Sure, you could waste 80+ bucks on that junk, or you could buy some bog-standard L-Arginine for about 8 bucks. I’ll take a 25% cut of the money you save.

Originally Posted by snuffed
or you could buy some bog-standard L-Arginine for about 8 bucks.

What do you mean? Some bulk L-ARG powder?

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