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Supplementation for Growth

Supplementation for Growth

Been gone a while and wanted to start some discussion on supplements and the focus on it.

First what are your supplementation goals increased Test or HGH.

It would seem that you would want to increase HGH since that would cause growth and from all the studies I have read it would also increase testosterone.

Any comments on what approach is best.


I wonder if it has any influence on penis growth.
Maybe direct intracavernous injection could be a good idea, but overall blood free testosterone and GH levels shouldn’t be a major factor.

Just eat healthy (lots of vegetables, fruits, variety of meat kinds, etc.) and PE. In my opinion, any supplementation is not necessary.

What Tidio said.

Healthy hormones levels should help with night time erections, erections, libido and, generally speaking, life.

I’m on HRT, the positives are what Walter accurately stated.

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Does vigrx plus works? If we take vigrx plus in the combination of PE does that mean we can grow faster gains. Because vigrx plus guys are saying 12 month course in the combination of manual exercises will add up to 3-4 inches in 12 months.

Can anybody suggest on this?

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