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Supplement Question - Horse Chestnut

Supplement Question - Horse Chestnut

Hello all -

I’m looking for feedback on this:


IMO, I think this would be a good complement to any of our crazy routines where we’re tugging, jelquing, or pumping our penis. The link describes some benefits but I thought this expert would particularly apply to us:

Health Benefits

Scientists examining the seeds of the horse chestnut identified the main therapeutic ingredient, aescin, which is sometimes described as a group of chemically related substances called “escin.”

Aescin reduces inflammation and tones up vein walls, allowing blood to flow back to the heart more easily. It appears to accomplish this by plugging up minute holes and microscopic leaks in the tiniest blood vessels, the venules, and in the capillaries. In reinforcing the strength of veins, horse chestnut is believed to also promote their elasticity and prevent swelling and long-term damage to them.

I’d like some feedback from someone with herbal or medical know how that could speak to this. It’s my understanding that one common symptom of ED is tiny leaks in the penis which cause the penis to not stay erect very long or without constant stimulation.

Any feedback?

Hey I’d love to see hat you’re talking about but the link doesnt check out for me.does anyone else have the same problem? Could you maybe repost the link.

I just did a google search for Horse chestnut and that was one of the links that came up. The link didn’t work for me now either. My thoughts on this product is that it would strengthen veins which I would think could be helpful. It’s my opinion that it would need to be combined with other products to be a good well rounded supplement. I’m going to try it and see what I think.

strengthening the blood vessels might get you a good gain or two, but I think it will be even harder for you to gain anymore due to the strength of your dick. Might be good after you achieve the dick of you dreams to help solidify your gains.

I have been using horse chestnut bulk herb powder for about a month now. Very nasty tasting and bitter and slightly nauseating for a few minutes just to get an eighth to a quarter of a teaspoon down daily. But the noticable side benefit that keeps me taking it has been less red spots when doing horse squeezes at the base of the penis with a lot of pressure. And a couple veins that were getting more painful and hard seem less so than before I started using it. Theoretically I would think based on my own personal experience that using this herb could help pumpers use more pressure without damage and jelkers and ulis and clamping could be done with a bit more pressure yet less problems with blood spotting, blood bruises, hematomas. Bottom line, MIGHT BE WORTH EXPERIMENTING PERSONALLY WITH.

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