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Suhagra 25 mg and GeneralViagra Advise

Suhagra 25 mg and GeneralViagra Advise

I searched but did not see much of anything posted here on Suhagra, which is a generic version of Viagra made by an Rx company called Cipla.

I’m thinking about ordering some from one of the reputable mail order vendors that gets thumbs up from people here at TP. Unfortunately I can’t find any reviews on the stuff so I’m asking if anyone here can vouch for it.

The reason I’m going with Suhagra is they manufacture it in 25mg tablets. Everything else is typically 100mg although there are a few 50mg products.

For some reason I am one of those guys who seems to be prone to Priapism when I use any of the ED meds. I have been to the emergency room three times now over the past few years and just this past week thought I was on my way back because I woke up with an erection after taking Viagra for a few days that lasted for many hours.

My thinking is that I end up taking the stuff for too many days in a row. For example, taking Viagra (50mg) once a day for 8-9 days in a row because I was getting laid at the frequency.

Thankfully, I guess, I’ve not been in a LTR in a long time so most of what I get by way of sex is pick ups or dates that are one, two, or three sex encounters and done and usually not something that repeats on a daily basis like I’d have if I were in a LTR or marriage.

My thinking with the Suhagra 25mg is that 25mg on a regular usage pattern is a better dose for me and cutting a 100mg tablet into 4 just doesn’t work well in practice. In fact, and maybe my pill splitter sucks, cutting any tablet is never a clean cut not to mention a pain.

I’ve tried Cialis many times and in various doses but for some reason Cialis does not have nearly the effect that Viagra has on me not to mention the Cialis sides in particular severe muscle aches in my back and legs can be down right debilitating.

Any advise and commentary on the Suhagra product is appreciated.

I have used Cipla products, they are a huge pharmaceutical company. I’m pretty sure I have used Suhagra and if I remember it was slightly weaker than regular Viagra but an excellent value for the money. Are your sure you want to take a chance on another trip to the hospital?

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