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Suffed's Supplements.


Suffed's Supplements.

Hello all,
It dawned on me this morning that I’ve been on Thunders since March 2004 and in that time I’ve scoffed a fair amount of supplements, but rarely given any feedback as to what they did for me or what I thought of them.
So I thought it was about time I gave something back!

The basics:

26 year old, good health, gym everyday, a good diet, good water intake, 8 hours sleep minimum almost every night. Non smoker, light drinker, say, a big ole binge drink every 3 weeks. Desk job on shift, so most of my office time is spent on my ass. Live with girlfriend and sex varies from 3, 4 times a week to sometimes once a month. Prone to stress and fiery temper. Main reason for trying supplements was to increase ejaculate. So let’s get into it shall we? (in no order)


Taken on an empty stomach and with plenty of water. I need to keep my water intake up with large doses of Arginine otherwise I get a dull headache. (In fact it’s worth saying that a good water intake is a must with most of these supplements.)
In the early days Arginine would turn my guts to mush and I’d suffer diarrhea. And in fact, sometimes it still randomly does, but not to the extent of when I first started.
As for ejaculate, the most I’ve ever shot in my life was while taking large amounts of Arginine and water. I’m taking a very rapid Peter North load. I can’t seem to keep it at a constant level though and while it may work one day, it won’t the next. Jelqing needs care when on Arginine as more blood seems to be in the penis and it becomes difficult not to get a full erection.

Tribulus Terrestris

Ah Tribulus, you naughty supp you. I tried this stuff for about 2 months. It gave a slight increase in testicle size and a slightly stronger ejaculation. My erection on the first day was insane too, with hardly any ‘downtime’ after sex. However, this stuff turned me into a complete cunt. I was out running everyday at the time which seemed to keep my temper just below breaking point, until the day I missed my morning run that is…later that evening I flipped over the simplest thing and smashed up half the house. This supplement has been a no-no ever since.


I tried Maca for about a month and it did nothing but slow me down. I can sleep for ever on Maca. On days off work I would get up late, sleep all afternoon and still get into bed at 8 that night and sleep right through to the morning. Gym work outs on Maca are a friggin joke, forget it.


A love/hate relationship with Damiana. I took this on and off for about 2 years. It gave me a nice increase in testicle size, probably about 25% worth. I have ‘puffy’ nuts rather then ‘lowhangers’ and they just look awesome on Damiana. However, this stuff bloats me up something chronic. I’m talking so bloated I can’t stand up straight. Then to make matters worse, at the end of last year I started getting symptoms of IBS, so bad at some points that I couldn’t get out of bed. So I stopped taking Damiana and after a week I was fine. I started taking it again and guess what? More stomach pains. Fuck!!! I love it but it’s just not worth messing up my health.


This should be a staple supplement for any male. I used to take it on its own, but have now found a decent multi which does the trick (I’ll go into that later). Sperm just looks healthier with Zinc, it’s hard to explain, but try a weeks worth and you’ll see. There’s also an increase in volume. Not a massive amount, but I know when I’m not taking Zinc.

Bee Pollen

Tastes nice, did nothing.

Shengjingguben Wan

Taken with lukewarm tea on an empty stomach 3 times a day. This does seem to give me more powerful cumshots but I’m not sure if it actually increases anything. No sides but slightly too expensive to make it a long term supplement.

Horny Goat weed

I’ve tried this on and off over the years and can honestly say it’s never done anything for me. I’ve tried it in Australia, I’ve tried it in England; nothing happening.


The burps on this stuff are god awful, but worth putting up with if you like pissing pre-cum at the slightest bit of attention. Hold on though friends, this can get a little annoying when at the office for example and you find the inside of your boxers covered in snail trails. I probably took this for about a year without any side effects before it dawned on me that I really don’t need more pre-cum.

Gingko Biloba

I actually took this religiously for about 2 years then one day stopped taking it, only to notice nothing changed! It’s supposed to be good for circulation and mental health, but circulation was never really an issue for me anyway.


I took this for about 3 weeks, 6 pills with breakfast and dinner. And believe me; while they’re not large pills, they are a fucking pain in the ass to swallow. And my reward for choking these down? A really thick, dirty yellow load which seemed impossible to shoot. Honestly, it looked and smelt friggin gross. Not the kinda stuff I want to be dumping on the love of my life.


Man, the adventures I’ve had with Clomid. Or, trying to get hold of true Clomid, to be exact. There’s been a fair amount of talk about Peter North using the stuff as well as it increasing testicle size. I ordered some from Greece, India, America, all over the place. Did I ever get the real thing? Who knows, but basically I never noticed any change what-so-ever while taking it…whatever ‘it’ was.

Deer-elk Antler

Interesting supplement this. Speeds up my ‘reload’ time by a fantastic amount. Seriously, within half an hour my loads were back to about 80%. There doesn’t seem to be any specific dosage with these though and I found myself taking about 6 throughout the day, which used up my supply very quickly. Worth a play with.


I’ve tried various different types of Ginseng from far and fantastic places around the world. The stuff makes me much more horny, but unfortunately turns me into an ass if I don’t get any (I think I’m horny enough without herbs adding to my need for sex).
It’s worth pointing out that Ginseng tea tastes like utter shite.


I know this stuff taste like crap, but eat 2 to 3 bunches of it with a good amount of water. Give it a day before trying it out. I’m pretty new to this technique myself, having only tried it once, and sadly when it came to the shoot it was in the middle of the night, but I’m pretty sure I fired a fair amount. Definitely worth a re-try. If only it didn’t taste so bad!

Saw Palmetto

I can’t really do this stuff justice as I only took a few bottles of it while on a large amount of other supps, so I have no idea how it performs on its own.


I’ll just give a very quick overview on Cialis and Viagra as I’m a fit, helathy 26 year old without any erection problems these don’t really do a massive amount for me. Yes I get good erections on them, but then again, I usually get good erections anyway.
Liquid Cialis gives me insomnia. Cialis in pill form is fine, however 3, 4 days after taking it my flaccid hang is like that of a 4 year old. Not very nice for gym showers!


Not as good as Cialis in my option. Also gives me a slight rash on my upper chest. No flaccid issues after taking this.

Animal Pak

My multi vitamin of choice after trying a large number of them. Luckily the size of pills has never really bothered me as I’ve gobbled quite a few in my time here, but be warned, each ‘pack’ contains 9 pills of varying size and shape.
Good for all round health and seems to cover all bases.


Well, that’s about it. I have taken a few more things like Lecithin and Orthinine, but like my Saw Palmetto, I mixed these with a large number of other herbs and supplements, so it’s hard to say whether they had any effect.
At the moment I’m only taking my multi, L-Arginine and the last of my Shengjingguben Wan. To be honest, I think I’ll stick with the multi and L-Arginine for a while, just to give myself a break from scoffing different pills and herbs.
I will say that none of this should be taken as gospel. Everyone is different and will react differently to different supplements. What didn’t work for me here might turn you into a raging porn star. Just do a bit of research first. I actually went out and bought a bottle of M1T once as I’d heard one guy talking about it. Luckily I only took one or two pills before actually reading up on it and finding out that in no way was this something I should be taking.

Lastly, a request. I know a lot of you long-timers must’ve had your fair share of supplement taking. It would be great if some of you could put your reviews into this thread too, as a way of balancing out the reviews I’ve given.


Thanks for this. I’ve had problems with supplements myself and had started something to post, but never finished it. End result was over 8 hours in the emergency room with atrial fibrillation. Probably due to a combination of ginseng, tribulus and something else all of which now sit in a closet awaiting disposal.

I didn’t mean to hijack the thread with my personal tale, but wanted to make the point that too many supps can certainly work against you.

You tried all of them just so that you could shoot more?

Thanks snuffed, interesting read :up: .

Great read, snuffed!

I have tried most of the supplements that you list above, except clomid and animal pak. I have never heard of Shengjingguben Wan.

Maca does increase the force of ejaculation for me but it has no effect on my ejaculation volume.

I have taken lecithin for about 3 years. It increased the viscosity of my semen and slightly increase the volume, too, but not to Peter North-like proportions.

Yohimbe increases the force of ejaculation and the volume, but I cannot stand the side effects.

Tongkat ali, esp tongkat ali extract, increases my libido tremendously. However, my skin breaks out acne whenever I take tongkat ali.

Damiana did absolutely nothing for me. Neither did cernilton.

I would love to try deer-elk antler.

Can you elaborate more on celery?

Thanks all.

Aim-High Willis: Yep, just so I could shoot more. But for some strange reason, I do actually enjoy trying new supplements. A hobby if you will.

Jafar_t: I can’t remember where I read it from, but someone was saying it was an old pornstar trick. Take 2 or 3 Celery bunches (not the sticks, the whole thing), cut about an inch off the top and bottom and throughout the day just munch them down. Apparently you’d see the effects the next day. I’m not sure how long it lasts for or what, but I’m certainly going to give it another try soon. (when I can gear myself up to eat that much celery)

No one likes the taste of raw celery. Are the benefits lost if it’s cooked?

Snuffed: Thanks for the info. Well believe it or not, I love raw celery, but eating 3 or 4 bunches? That is really a lot! I may give it a try this weekend. Let’s see if I have the resolve to eat that much celery……

Good luck!

Originally Posted by BillyC2000

No one likes the taste of raw celery. Are the benefits lost if it’s cooked?

Yeah, but throw some peanut butter on there and UUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!

Nothing wrong with raw celery whats wrong with you people:)

I guess you could just take a celery supplement in pill form

Waiting in the queue for the 8 Inch Club

snuffed: how much was your L-Arginine daily?

Was it L-Arginine HCL or AAKG?

(12/5/2008) BPEL: 7.75" EG: 5.75" BSFL: 8.1" FL: 5" FG 4.25"||New Goal: NBPEL: 8" EG: 6"

Technique: 95% Wet Jelqing, 5% Low Vacuum Pumping

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AAKG is far more effective than arginine in all aspects.

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