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If you have HSV-1 and still want to try, L-A is better than AAKG.
AAKG stays in your system for hours where as L-A stays for about 3 hours.
When I use L-A I take it in the early morning and in the evening atleast 45 minutes before eating anything.
I get a cold sore from supplementing L-A for a few weeks depending on the dosage.
1 or 2 grams of L-A in the morning, 500mg to 1000mg of L-Lysine in the noon 45 minutes before lunch and 1 or 2 grams of L-A in the evening seem to reduce the chances of catching a cold sore or atleast delay it.
With proper cycling of this protocol, I have been able to fight HSV-1 (if one or two cold sore means HSV-1).

Hope this helps.

Originally Posted by BigFatLuvRocket
snuffed: how much was your L-Arginine daily?

Was it L-Arginine HCL or AAKG?

It was plain L-Arginine. I would usually take 3 grams, morning, mid-day, night, but then add more as and when I thought it was needed (30, 45mins before sex, and usually a few grams extra)


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