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Steriod and PE

Steriod and PE

I was wandering if there is anyone out there
who has cycled while doing PE. I would think
there would be some benefits. For one it increases
red blood cells which allows for a better pump in the
gym (and I’m guessing during PE) also increased
erections. Number two would be quicker recovery
from your workouts (gym and PE).

Also what about HGH? Steriod help to increase the
size of the cells but HGH actually can increase the
number of cells.

Any Comments/Experiences?

I’ve done this. During my cycle, I had more blood in my unit and much harder, more frequent erections. For me it was like having a 20-30% erection all the time. I didn’t really notice an increased recovery time. I used Test, D-bol, Winny and I always used anti-estrogens during and after my cycle.

I never used HGH, but I know many that have. Most guys use HGH during a roid cycle. I’ve heard (and noticed) is that it amplifies the steroids growth effects and helps you get down into single digit bodyfat percentages.


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Very little GH receptors in the penis. HGH had nothing to do with the size of your penis during puberty. Some with pituitary diseases grow extremely tall but still have average size dicks.

There is some evidence that IGF-1 will stimulate the release of T but that evidence is spotty since there is only one study, that I know of, that makes that connection.

This is just my half-asses educated guess.

I will say that Trib or another T stimulating supplement would be a better idea that AAS. It cant hurt your growth.

“Most guys use HGH during a roid cycle”??? That has to be bull. At least not real HGH. That stuff is very cost prohibitive especially for “most guys”. I think “most guys” would be more inclined to spend $200-$500 for a good steroid cycle (I’ve done a few and know about how much it SHOULD cost) than a few thousand dollars for a HGH+steroid cycle. Or are we talking about Pro bodybuilders in the Hollywood/Bell Air areas?? LOL

That’s a shame. I was getting all interested in Long R3 IGF-1 (hence my visit to Thunders tonight).

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