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Starting PE again & some herbal + bodybuilding supps

Starting PE again & some herbal + bodybuilding supps

Hey !!

Just getting back into PE again… Iv started hitting the gym as well regularly for the last year.

Current supps that I am starting :

Whey Protien
Mens Multivitamin
Omega 3 caps
Ashwagandha cap (750mg) <- Started this a few weeks ago.

^^^Currently using.

Creatine (cee)
Arginine (aee)
Cit malate
Beta alanine

^^^Starting by the end of this month.

Im also looking at taking some Indian Tribulus.

For sure the ashwagandha has had some affect on my desire and it seems like there is more bloodflow to my unit. I cant be sure about what exactly Im gaining, but there is some benefit. So I will continue this :)

Okay so my attempt to restart PE didnt survive since the last post. Right through the months I did daily stretching and and occasionally light jelq routine but none of this can be counted as a regular activity.

Now I can proudly say Iv managed to get in about 4 weeks of a pe workout again.

5 mins Warmup in hot water
5 mins stretching (rotary and regular)
15-30 mins of jelq (depends on my schedule)
10 JAI stretches after cooling off.

Occasionally I use an elastic band for a “clamping effect”. More or less following a 2/3 days on and 1 day off.

It will take me a while I think to get back to my Stats when I first started a few years ago. Will have detailed measurements/dates etc shortly.

I havent been able to maintain a log/update measurements etc.. it will come maybe sometime in the future.

I just wanted to post regarding Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera).

A 500mg dose (split into morning and night) besides helping me relax and sleep a little better definitely keeps my unit hanging a little heavier and more ready for action. Its like having a 15% erection 24/7.

Might be a good aid to prevent turtling etc and promoting bloodflow in relation to PE.

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