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Stamina RX -any opinion's

Stamina RX -any opinion's

Ok, so I didn’t do a search-my bad.

Any of you have an opinion on this stuff? I recieved a sample and was thinking of giving it a whirl. I’m a little hesitant to try stuff like this, as I don’t want to turn into a junky. You know, if it improves the sex that much- I might want to use it all the time. Iv’e heard stories about the viagra. I don’t have any ED issues now but I’m always up (no pun intended) for an adventure. Doe’s it really do all the shit it says it will?

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A little late, maybe, but I ran a search on Stamina RX in Thunder’s and I found this thread.
I just recieved my order of Stamina RX from Vitanet, and I can only say that it did what I hoped it would do.
I take one pill half an hour to an hour before sex, and my erection was rock hard and felt natural.

There are of course other aspects, will i be addicted in the sense that I can’t have sex without it?
Will I trust the pill to do all the work
I don’t suffer from ED, but my erections seem to be weaker than before PE.

I will also try large doses(3- 6g pr. day) of L- Arginine for a period to see if that helps my erections.

And last but not least, Keegel, Keegel, Keegel…

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I took a stamina rx, and I didn’t seem to notice any difference. I take a large amount of supplements on a daily basis, so that might have been the case.

I have tried Stamina RX also. I thought it was ok, but I was already taking arginine on most days. It probably does help to get a good hardon. It’s certainly not addictive. Going through my first bottle of NO2 and find it to be quite helpful on muscle development and making wood. I wouldn’t bother with Stamina RX again.

hello fellas i have tried it too and it gives a good pump and increases desire better than yohimbine alone. my brother is on NO2 and he loves it but it is very expensive for me to consider taking it . i was able to pick it up at a convenience store for $1.19 for one days worth and thats pretty econimical. It contains yohimbe also. Squeeeeze it for size!!!

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