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Whew, it’s good to be back. And something to comment on. I’ve done a lot of research and artificial sweeteners are at least suggested to be unsafe. No, they probably don’t cause cancer (Which all the “mainstream” studies have shown, thus implying safety), but there are other aspects to be aware of. Aspertame (Equal, Nutrasweet etc) was developed as an insecticide, and kills the bugs by causing overfiring of synapses, leading to neurological damage. It also breaks down into formaldehyde, but this isn’t the main concern really.

Sucralose is an organochloride, as kingpole said is comprised of chlorine bound to sugar. Chlorine, Bromine, Fluorine (all of the halogens) really, can wreak havoc on hormone levels within the body. There are now studies in place that have, at least preliminarily, linked the rising thyroid dysfunction (hypo, hyper) levels to what amounts to halogen poisoning. Splenda isn’t of course the only source of this, but it certainly can’t help. Funny thing, there are plenty of people who have thyroid issues (even ones that don’t mess with your T3 or T4 levels on the “normal” tests). They may just wonder why they can never lose weight etc.but come up as “healthy” on most cursory medical examinations. Give these individuals iodine, as the study did, and suddenly they start to lose weight as iodine “pushes” out bad halogens and helps to regulate the thyroid.

I hope that in the next 10 years or so these artificial sweeteners will be phased out, as saccharin has been more or less. Unfortunately, there is a huge financial investment, so it will be quite some time before truly fair and honest science is done.

Until then, I suggest just sticking to natural sweeteners. Organic cane sugar, stevia (if you can stand the taste - this stuff is pretty close to zero calorie), agave nectar, honey etc. Use in moderation and I’m sure it’s less stress than worrying about whatever man-made chemical is being touted as the new “wonder sweetener” that tastes perfect, has no calories, and no downsides. Somehow I think you pretty much can’t get something for nothing.

I have hypothyroid disease and diabetes. Likely cause diet sodas I use to drink a six pack a day.

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Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!


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