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Smoking, NO synthesis and L-Arginine

Smoking, NO synthesis and L-Arginine

Hey guys I just googled some interesting stuff about smoking, nitric oxide synthesis and the use of L-arginine.

“It has been shown by us and other investigators that components of cigarette smoke can react with L-arginine to form an L-arginine adduct.”

“Nitric oxide synthase (NOS) is the enzyme responsible for converting L-arginine (one of the 20 essential amino acids) to NO and L-chrulline. Previous studies have shown that NOS activity is decreased in the presence of cigarette smoke extract.”

“…we hypothesized that cigarette smoke components react with L-arginine to form an L-arginine adduct This adduct can then decrease the substrate availability for NOS or even Inhibit NOS.”

“…endothelial dysfunction by cigarette smoke is prevented through dietary L-arginine supplementation.”…p?grant_id=1550

I take 2000mg L-arginine before sleep since 3 days. I noticed about 30% more sperm while ejaculating and also a little more hornyness.

The other thing I noticed that I don’t really go out and smoke (what I usually do). I don’t know if I am just fooling myself, but I read Thunder’s older post when he writes, he is a nicotine and caffeine addict, in other words a “contraction” addict. I also had some impressions that I like the feeling of nicotine contracting my veins. Nitric oxide makes just the opposite effect, maybe I am now satisfied with is, because I only want something to happen with my vascular system? :D Did somebody else experienced a lower cigarette craving after taking L-arginine regularly?

L-arginine is a really good stuff, so I tought this would be interesting for you too. Cheers!

Panthers could you write a citation?

I’m not sure I still have the book? I’ll have to dig through boxes when I get a chance(don’t hold your breath),I did just do a search on Google books but they are not hosting any of the pages of that book.Was hoping they they had it. It was just a side note they put in a box on the page I believe,that stated that. If I come across the book, Ill type it word for word,It was probably no more than 25 words.

Thank you! :)

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