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Slow-release protein complexes

Slow-release protein complexes

Found this in an article:

“… When you lift hard, you push your muscles to their absolute limit…
causing microscopic “rips” or “tears” deep in the muscle tissue. Repairing those rips and tears adds mass to the muscle causing growth….”

Sound familiar?

“…The key to muscle growth and repair is having an adequate supply of bio-available protein when growth hormone is released. However, a full 90% of your daily supply of growth hormone is released not when you work out, not when you do cardio training, in fact, not even while you’re awake. The fact is, 90% of your growth hormone supply is released while you sleep. Not only that, but during the first four hours of sleep! ….”

It goes on about a slow-release protein product that you take before bed and makes a pretty good case for it, being a sales promo.

The article is at…6&article_id=13

I think I’ll try it out.


Lotsa big words!

Seems the industry and experts alike (they can be different groups at times) agree on the slow absorbtion theory of bedtime snacks. Usually this means milk proteins. If your looking to save money and avoid the ultra fast whey situation, try eating some cottage cheese with your meal before bed. Cheap and easy way to slow the absorbtion and it actually helps me sleep better. You can buy the formulated products, but in alot of ways they are an example of supp companies jacking up cheaper milk protein blends to the price of high quality whey supps. Clever, but you can beat them out of your own fridge for a pittance. Still, if you’ve got the cash and want to spend it there, they probably make a more convinient and tasty shake. groa

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