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Slightly OT - Lecithin Intake for Cum Loads Questions

Slightly OT - Lecithin Intake for Cum Loads Questions

Hey all,

I’m still a newbie or I’d post this in the supplements forum; I hope nobody minds I post it here since I can’t there. I’m just starting to take lecithin in the hopes of increasing my cum load. I bought some GNC Triple Lecithin 1200 mg. I take supplements twice a day, so I think I’m going to go with 3 pills when I wake up and 3 at night (6 total for 7200 mg). I have a few questions though:

1.) Is this a good amount to take? I know some people on here take this much, but some also seem to take even more. I chose this amount primarily because it seems fairly common AND it just happens that taking this much will make each bottle last exactly one month.

2.) Has anyone experienced any problems with a “fishy body odor” from taking this stuff? I *think* this form of the stuff doesn’t do that, but I know some forms can have this as a side effect, which I obviously don’t want.


Thanks for moving it to the proper forum, mods. Appreciate it. =O)

I’ve been taking Lecithin for about two and a half years now. I take the same 1200mg capsules that you take but I only take three a day. I haven’t noticed and fishy body odor from it.

It seems that the Lecithin and the Zinc I take did increase my volume. Not by much but I did notice an increase.

I buy in bulk from Swanson and toss 5-10 grams in with some yogurt in the am. I do not know if it increases my volume at all. Never experienced the fishy smell but the often given advise to cure that is eating yogurt so who can say.

1362g, (3lbs), of granules goes for $10.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Thanks. I’ll consider the bulk in the future. I’m curious to see what effect it’ll have on my load - if not much, I prolly won’t continue, but we’ll see. =O)

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