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Silicone (not surgery, but nutrient:mineral)

Silicone (not surgery, but nutrient:mineral)

I just heard this in passing from my clinical instructor.

Apparantly connective tissue like bones, ligaments and tendons need more than just calcium, phosporous, magnesium. A new substance has been added (or was there but unnoticeable).

Silicone is responible for bone integrity and elasticity of tendons as well as fast repair of damaged connective tissue.

I’m still looking for plausible researches and solid facts based on it. But I’m thinking that the penis is made up of lots of connectve tissue (ligaments and collagen like bony structure). I think silicone will be good in the diet since jelqing or any other PE can do some damage. The lesser damage that remains on your penis the more gains you’ll have.

I’ll be hunting for articles to support this. It’s not only your penis but your whole body will help in bigger gains.

"Men are gifted with two heads, sadly they do not

have enough blood to run

both at the same time" by anonymous

Who or what is this “clinical instructor”? I’m looking forward to any references or links you turn up because I’ve never heard about any positive health benefits from silicone.

Maybe you meant silicon, not silicone (breast implants, caulk, etc.). Silicone is generally bad news in the body, especially when injected, and when injected can cause severe nastiness, up to and including death.

As for silicon, I found this.

Are you sure your teacher didn’t say selenium or some other s-word that got confused in your notes?

I envision a few dumb newbies sucking down caulk in hopes of growing a bigger dick. That wouldn’t be good.

You can always just chew on old breast implants. Listen to the Hobbster, he is pretty knowledgable on stuff like this. The man impresses me everyday more and more.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.


:) lolz. Silicon not silicone. Made a boo-boo there

from family medical book Vitamins and minerals.

Until recently silicon has been found beneficial to the body. Most people don’t know it but small (very small) amounts are found in milk and vegetables. They are found in the body in small amounts with greater concentration in the lymph glands. An average human has about 7g of the mineral however no RDA has been established only an estimated 20-30mg needed. How it is beneficial is yet to be studied since it is very difficult to detect silicon levels in the blood and no known deficiency is linked to lack of silicon. [a study states this click here

Silicon exists more in its organic form (meaning bound to other organic compounds.) and tend to be absorbed faster than inorganic silicon. Silicon has the ability to stimulate osteoblasts that make bone. It also helps in the formation of collagen and elastin (which can be found in the penis).

here is another link to another article about silicon benefits. click here

[sorry for the wrong spelling. I did get my notes wrong. I wrote silicone instead of silicon. :) ]

There, many connective tissue are found in the penis. I think if you read the articles (click on the links) minimizing damage and promoting connective tissue repair can help increase or keep gains.

"Men are gifted with two heads, sadly they do not

have enough blood to run

both at the same time" by anonymous

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