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side affects?


side affects?


What are some side affects you guys have heard or seen with people taking NOX2. Also has anyone here taken ON/OFF cycle by fizogen? Side affects? Thanks,


I had some palpitations, headache and anxiety, but then I was also taking Red Kat at the same time. I have since stopped taking either of them.

so was that red cat that caused that or the NOX2? Anyone else have some experiences?

I’ve been on NoX2 for 3 weeks now and haven’t noticed any side effects.

I have been using L-arginine for one monthy now, 2g per day, no noticeable side effects.


How do you compare L-arginine and NOX2? What effects do L-arginine have on you?

L-arginine is a precursor of NOX2. “What effects do L-arginine have on you?” Difficult to say today, 2g gram is a small quantity to see an import effect, I have read that some guys take 5-6 grams before sex (2-3hours)

I’ve been taking NOX2 for a number of weeks. I started out with the dose it suggests—3 pills twice daily ( =6 grams). I noticed nothing. Then I started taking like nine grams a day (its hard to tell because I sleep at weird hours so everything blends together)—I basically take it between meals. So I’ll eat, take it two hours later, eat two hours after that, take it two hours later, etc, in three gram doses. This has also done nothing noticeable. Maybe it’s increase flaccid, but maybe has PE. And I don’t think L-a is a precursor of NOX2, rather NOX2 is a more complex form so it is digested of a longer period of time and thus absorbs better and is also a little more resistant to food.

Lastly, I drink around six liters of water a day.

Dmitri, how much do you weigh? I am thinking of increasing my dosage as well…I have seen more vascularity on my unit, as well as overall(I work out 3 days a week) from the recommended dosage, as well as minimal pe

I’m about 6’, 180, very little fat.

I take L-arginine every 4 hours, 100gm. , and 2 when I get up before

going to work.

Have no side affacts, been on it for about 1 mo., But when I drive

home or just sitting at work with nothing on my mind,I get hard as A

Rock and its standing straight up looking at me.

For the last few years its been watching me shine my shoes.

It and PE has A lot to do with it, but I’m happy with it and so is the


I forgot to add that I turn 58 next anything is a help.


Originally Posted by dmitri
I’m about 6’, 180, very little fat.

ok, 6’4, 202, not too much fat either. Did you notice a diff between 6 and 9g? I received a free sample bottle of the Pinnacle overnight extender with my NOX2,(5 days worth) which gives another 1500mg/dose at 2 doses per day, but I’m not sure if 5 days will be enough to have any real effect…

I really haven’t noticed anything. I wish I could give more definitive answer but it seems that MAYBE my arms are more vascuar and MAYBE I have a better flaccid. But from what kingof7 is saying, taking 1g every four hours (I assume he didnt actually mean 100g) and it having such drastic effects, maybe I just don’t respond well to it, or maybe I’m too young and healthy for it to do much. I doubt you’ll see much of an effect in five days, but people have reported effects in as little as two. I think I may up the dosage even more because I’ve read many experiments where the subjects were receiving some 15g to 20g, so maybe I just need more.

ok, makes sense. Please update us as to your results…thanks!

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