I did a search and didn’t find any discussion.

Has anyone ever tried this?

My G/F has one of these every day. She says it gives her energy a little more zip throughout the day. For the most part, she noticed this when we went on vacation one time and didn’t have it. She just thought something was missing, kind of like when your used to drinking caffeine, and then stop for a while.

I’ve been mixing myself one for about 10 days now,, and I’m going to stop after another 10 days or so, to see if I notice the same. I try to do this with any of my supplements, it’s nice to see what is working and what doesn’t. I understand that part of losing effectiveness has to do with ‘cycling’ certain supplements, some are better if you don’t let your body develop a tolerance for them.

And the second question (that has been probably been talked about if I did some research), is if you are doing the ‘shake’, are you mixing other supplements with it. For instance, L-Arginine, Horny Goat weed, Letithin, or whatever you get in powder form. I have read here, that certain supplements compete for absorption. Zinc and Dairy products/Soy are supposed to be taken a different times in the day.

Just curious of what the well educated members on supplements think on this subject.