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There’s definitely a huge interest, keep posting!

I had some sort of experience that may relate to this.
Back in August I was taking a liquid Tongkat Ali supplement. I’ve tried 5 or 6 different ones before that particular one. As soon as I started I noticed something different, nothing drastic but I noticed something, so I stuck with it.
The dropper it came with wasn’t working too well so I wound up taking several times the suggested dosage. Anyway, it slowly started building up as I noticed much more energy around the 3-4 week mark.
I had so much energy I was doing yard work in 97 degree weather with a heat index of 107 and it didnt even phase me. In the past if I just walked outside in that type of heat I would be wiped out.
Besides that, I was recomping, dropping body fat especially around my waist and putting on muscle, slowly but steadily. Also, and here’s the best parts, I was waking with wood in the middle of the night and the mornings and all I had to do during the day was look at a women, didn’t matter what she looked like, and I was rock hard. I had an increase in length too, I shit you not. I was really liking this.
I also saw some backne, so then I realized hey there may be something else besides longjack (tongkat ali) in this “supplement”.
Then I ran out and the supplier ran out of supply so over the course of 2 weeks or maybe 3 everything started to get back to normal.

I’ve emailed the supplier to ask what the hell else was in the formule, lol. I didnt expect him to tell me if there was anything else in it even if there was but I tried. He told me just tongkat and it’s so effective because they source the real stuff and put it through an amazing extraction process. At this point im not sure what to believe but I actually started a thread here a few weeks ago to see if anyone knew of a private lab I could send some to be tested.

So what im thinking is that either:
A) The dude was telling the truth and he has an amazing natural product that worked so well because I was basically triple dosing.
B) It was longjack mixed with some sort of sarm.

I dont know. Im also unsure if it was a test raising sarm or something that raised my dht levels because from what I understand dht is what really triggers libido and hard wood. Test does also but I think dht is the main factor.
Im not sure.

What did it taste like? I know that sounds stupid but can be very helpful in figuring what was in it

Actually that’s a good question.

It tasted like tongkat ali but with a very slight alchohol buzz to it. It was slightly bitter but not as much as the tongkat ali powder I have from bulk supplements.

I’m about to start a cycle myself. I’ll be running MK 677 (promotes more HGH to be released) for the whole year, LGD 4033(healing properties) and RAD 140 (promotes testosterone) for 12 weeks. I’ll take measurements before I start and after. I’m currently on my 3rd week of the newbie routine. I didn’t see that I was supposed to be increasing the time on stretches and jelqs. When I start the cycle I’ll be doing 10 minutes of stretching, 30 minutes of jelqing and 100 Kegels.

I was also looking into Kanabo Nerve Fix. I had penile surgery where they used a graft and I ended up with a hard lump on the top side of my shaft and numbness on the top side of the shaft. Has anyone heard of this product and does it work at all? I will also be taking stem-kine just to see if it does anything at all. I’ve read that it’s a complete scam, but my mom said it worked for her. I’m not trying to sell any of this stuff and doing it on my own accord, but I’ll definitely keep a log and give monthly updates on the affects.

I am currently using MK-677 30mg a day. So far, my dick has not seen much of an increase in erect or flaccid size although it is supposed to work over time. Regardless, my appetite has increased crazy and my sleep is better. I will start with Cardarine soon to test out what other users said (that it may help flaccid dick size) but also for the gym reasons.

In combination with this, I will run Proviron to increase my DHT, which should affect penis size - considering I only just turned 18, I think I have a good chance at increasing my penile length.

Another week down. I’m getting stronger everyday and able to workout in the gym way more than before from a recovery standpoint. Im also much larger in the flacid state. I would say this is a result of the increased intensity in the gym. I’m dropping fat but have lost no weight. There’s no doubt it works for the weight room. I’m fairly convinced that it’s making big changes in the bedroom too. You will have dry mouth when on it so you end up drinking way more water which certainly helps things down below as well.

Another week in the books! Hanging flaccid at 85% of full size. I certainly get a lot of jealous looks in the locker room. Im completely straight but I still love catching anyone else looking at my cock. I am now convinced that you will have a larger flaccid size while on Ostarine, hopefully it will continue when I get off. Still increasing weight at the gym on a weekly basis so this stuff works!

What are you using for PCT? I just independently found SARMS and bought Ligandrol, Ostarine, ibutamoren Nutrabal aka mk-677, Epicatechin, and Laxogenin.

Ok this is fascinating. I had not even heard of SARMs before.

Am I right in thining that Osterine is very much an entry level SARM, possibly good for newbies and non-risk takers?

Has anyone on here had negative effects from Ostarine?

Any SARM is taking a risk. They’re not regulated substances, which means you could be buying schluff.

I just added ostarine today, even though I also received ligandrol today. I am simply too scared to use both at the same time, even if the are from the same supplier. Who knows what I am getting - I don’t have the money to send it to a lab to test it.

That said, stay the hell away from Cardarine and Andarine mentioned in this thread. Losing vision or getting cancer is simply insane. The place I bought my Osta from sent me free Cardarine and I plan to flush it down the toilet.

So Thickambitions, can you confirm what you are taking on this cycle?

Yea I’m on test now and my cock hangs way better than before huge loads too. As for pumping I’m gaining way better results

Sorry guys I took a while off from the site. The Sarms worked but I would not recommend them in relation to PE. I ended up suffering some shutdown and ended up shorting the cycle. I have only taken ostarine and cardarine. I would use cardarine again but not the ostarine. As always there is no magic pill, put in the work and you will get the results. I attribute at least half of my PE success to time in the gym.

So what happened? A little more specifics?

Why would you take the Cardarine again but not the ostarine?

Ended up with pain in my testicles, and some pretty serious lethargy. It sucked to even get out of bed. I say i would take cardarine again because it doesn’t really mess with test in any way. Ostarine worked as advertised but I was probably dosed too high (despite cutting dose mid cycle). There is just too much disagreement of ostarine dosing where cardarine is pretty well nailed down at 10 mg. The fat loss that was certainly accelerated by cardarine is responsible for at least .25-.5 an inch of NBP length. I’m down to about 20% BF now and am shooting for 10%. The increased blood flow and reduced fat are massively beneficial to my PE journey.


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