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Ron Jeremy as Sex Pill Guru

Ron Jeremy as Sex Pill Guru

He’s endorsing several “new” penis lengthening supplements. I’m wondering if his claims are real or not.

Anybody tried the “Naturally Huge” supplement he sells?

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That makes about as much sense as Tom Cruise endorsing sanity.

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Yeah, for some reason I have seen a few adds this last week that were for ‘bigger penis-pills’, maybe the market is ready and dumb enough to buy that shit again?

Ron, when he wasn’t trying to make a buck, used to say that he pumped a lot. I don’t know if he pumped exclusively, but I remember him saying something like you need at least one hour or you are wasting your time. Granted, some guys may take a year to be able to work up to that amount of time in the pump…or use very low vacuum.

The only thing the “good” pills can do is give you better EQ, which for some guys who haven’t had it, makes their dicks look bigger. However, there is no pill that can actually increase your size.

He has been doing that for years.

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I tried them no good but I did. Try advanced pro plus when I was 21 for 3 months . Did not work but one day and only one day while receiving oral it was like, whole inch longer , my wife was like wow. But other than that nothing else.

I don’t know if the enlargement pills he is endorsing work, but the ugly pills he takes certainly do.

Seen it before. As skeptical as you guys are. No matter how much he tries to come off as a nice guy, something about him just rubs me the wrong way. No different than any of the other “4 inches in 4 weeks!” sites, IMO, no matter what he says.

L-Arginine is a PE wonder-supplement!!

Reminds me of the “bigger load” pills Peter North tried to push.

Snake oil.

I’m waiting for his patented Ron Jeremy weight loss shakes and 70s style clip on mustache.

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Originally Posted by joe_smith

I have read Ron’s biography and he claims he was born with that penis. No mention of pumps or pills.

I feel sorry for his mom, if he was born with that.. ;)

Ron is simply being paid to endorse these products. They do not work by themselves. However I have heard that some pills work as long as they are used with PE. It would make sense, since it helps the flow of blood in your penis.

The pills can plump you up a little bit. And some guys do find a temporarily larger flaccid helpful for doing PE. Even then you are better served buying the active ingredients in bulk. You end up with a >years supply for less $ than a month of the pills.


Running a Massive Co-Front.

Bogus, had a month supply of sizegenix, did absolutely nothing. The only time I felt a difference was when I was taking l arginine, but besides that is a load of crap


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