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Revivogen and Spironolactone for hair loss

Revivogen and Spironolactone for hair loss

So I’ve been taking Propecia for about ten months now and it’s worked like a charm, but I have had something in the way of sexual side effects: decreased libido. It was minor at first but seems to have increased, to the point that I want to be done with the Propecia. And try something else.

I’ve done some research, and it sounds like either Revivogen or Spironolactone are the way to go. They are DHT blockers like Propecia, but since they are topical, they won’t have sexual side effects. But do they work as well? Or at all? I haven’t seen much to convince me either way. So who out there uses these? What’s your experience? Is it a twice-a-day application like Rogaine? What’s the actual stuff like? Is it smelly in the hair? Does it stain your pillow at night? Anything else I should know about it? Most importantly, of course - does it work?

Thanks in advance for any input.

Revivogen does work I tried it about two years ago and got great results using it with rogaine. If I ever go off Propecia I will go on a program with Revivogen and nizoral shampoo and rogaine. I stopped using it because of the cost they say it will last three months but it doesn’t and it cost 100 bucks.

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I’m glad someone else mentioned them. I’ve been off Propecia as well due to the side effects (I.e. Decreased libido and sperm count went down), so basically I’m only using Minoxidil for the past 9-10 months and I keep getting this dandruff I can’t get rid of. I tried nizoral and other shampoos with no luck.

Anyway, thing is I am still losing hair. So any suggestions? Revivogen or Spinolactone? And shampoo?

Thanks . You will find exactly what you are looking for without having to post that question. Good site.

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Spiro has more studies backing it. The feedback from Revivogen is hit or miss. Spiro has a pretty bad odor too, especially when it comes in conact with minoxidil.

To be honest, the sad truth is that Finasteride is the king when it comes to stopping hairloss. Unfortunately, it also carries side effects for some people.

If you want to go topical I would suggest SLOWLY weening yourself off of Finasteride. Do not stop cold turkey. In the meantime I would do the following:

-Minoxidil, 1 ml twice a day
-Minoxidil with Retin-a 4-5 nights a week (slowly build yourself up to this. Retin-a is harsh stuff and your scalp needs to adjust)
-Nizoral shampoo 3-4 times a week
-5% Spiro cream at night before bed

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Stick with Minoxidil, it’s one of the only things that actually works. Try applying a little bit of Emu Oil to your scalp before bed. Emu is a GREAT substance that fights inflammation in the scalp and will actually assist the minoxidil in absorbing a bit better. I’m confident it will stop your dandruff.

Also, you are likely getting dandruff from the propylene glycol in the rogaine. carries minoxidil solutions with a higher alcohol content and low PPG. The stuff dries pretty darn quick and won’t give you dandruff. You need to fill out an online consultation form first that has a one-time cost of $20, but I believe it is well worth it. Dr. Lee has some great products.

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Yeah, I found out most of what I know on this topic from hairlosstalk - very informative. For instance, I learned that Rogaine and Nizoral are growth promoters - they can cause new hair growth - but they don’t actually stop hair loss. You really need something that blocks the DHT, Darkreign.

Okay, so Revivogen and Spiro both sound fairly promising. I’d like to try Minox for a while, too, so I’m nervous about it being stinky in combination with Spiro. Leatherface, are you saying Spiro is just a once-a-day application? I will take your advice about weening off Propecia. Did you go straight from Spiro to Propecia? If so, did you have another shedding period when you started on the Propecia? I’m hoping that I won’t have to go through that and the whole months of the stuff “building up in my system” before it works thing when I make my switch. These are all DHT blockers, after all.


Actually, Spiro would be more effective if used twice a day, HOWEVER, the stuff can really stink at times, especially when it comes in contact with minoxidil. Not to mention that the best type available is a 5% cream base that would make your hair look pretty bad during the day if you applied it.

My advice is to use it right before bed and make sure there is at least an hour or more gap between your minox application to avoid the smell.

I do not use spiro, or any topical antiandrogen for that matter. My reason? I’m not convinced they work too well. Don’t get me wrong, spiro has a handful of studies stating that it is effective for hairloss, I just don’t believe it packs the punch of oral 5ar inhibitors like Finasteride.

There is still SO much we don’t know about hairloss. At present, it seems as though the best approach is to hit hairloss from several angles with a variety of treatments.

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