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Resistance to liquid C?

Resistance to liquid C?

I had been using liquid C for a while and had no problems as it worked like it should. Recently I started using it again and it did work but then it started to no longer work. I then began uping the dosage. 1/4ml per day. Then 1/2. Less and less effect. Im gonna try going a few days w/o any and try to get it out of my system before I take any more.

Has anyone else had this experience? Ive also noticed that I haven’t been as horny lately, so maybe its just that.

I’ve been using it on and off for 2 years or so and it still works great. My usual dose has probably increased, but that’s because I like it that way. Still, I used to be happy with .33 ml, and now I like .5 usually, but that is a very effective dose for me. I got a new batch recently, and I have only tried it a couple of times, but I think it is very similar in strength to my 2 year old batch.

Horny Bastard

Ok great. Thanks mravg. Its probably me. Could be the lack of sleep and poor diet.

Well, with that said, there have been some mixed reviews of liquid C although most guys like it just fine. Some say it is weaker than an equivalent dose of real Cialis, and others say that the bottles vary in strength, and that the amount of solids in the bottle can vary from one to the next.

It is also possible that degradation of the drug occurs after time, depending on how you store it. As I mentioned though, I haven’t noticed much degradation storing my stuff at room temp in a dark spot.

Horny Bastard

I find when I begin building up a tolerance (not seeing the usual desired effects) to the liq c, I just stop taking it for a spell and just take my vits & minerals etc. Actually have done a system flush of sorts also. The liq c that is from kitsnmore and also the liq c I make in my laboratory, the same.
Began again later “about 10-14 days” and found the usual effects returned. I stopped taking it at one time cause my ejaculations were becoming small dribbles!!!, but believe it was the Arginine I was taking. I returned to the liq c but not the Arginine and I have pretty much returned to my past ejaculations, nothing to write Peter North about but much more volume etc.

Maybe stay off the liq c for like a week to ten days…let it totally get outta your system, and yes, maybe your libido may be a cause!?? Get back into getting your rest and eating correctly.
my 2 cents

You are saying arginine decreased your seminal volume? It is widely touted to do the opposite.

Horny Bastard

Yes mravg, of course that’s just me! I noticed that when I was taking the Arginine (2000-4000mg daily) and liq c, my seminal load was reduced a good bit. Perhaps my ejaculation and erection was improved by the Arginine that it impaired my shooting abilities. ??!!

Stopping the Arginine now for 10-14 days, and back on the liq c, I have no reduction in seminal load hardly. I was thinking it was the liq c, as well as another poster.

The Arginine I believe certainly aided my erections. Of course my little un-scientific finding of reduced seminal load, is basically just what I found by stopping one supp and so on.

I will more closely monitor the load etc in the coming days. Maybe a combo effect of the two?

Now that you mention it, I just took two weeks off liquid C and was thinking that my loads were better than usual. Maybe it does have an effect. I’m back on the C this morning.

Horny Bastard

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