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Reducing the appearance of scars

Reducing the appearance of scars

Today I shaved my chest for the first time in a long time and noticed that a scar I’ve had since I was about 13-15 (about 8 years ago) is still there somewhat. With my chest hair I never noticed it was still there really, I thought it faded away. But, since I am pale white on my chest right now from not getting much of a tan this summer, it’s really visible.

Does stuff like mederma really work, even on old scars?

I had an accident a few years ago which left my scared however it only my upper arms and one on my back,scars will not disappear over night and sometimes depending on the degree of scaring there is very little one can do. I used tissue oil but that did not work, I have had much better results from vitamin E capsules and massaging them into the scars twice a day.

My scars do not bother me and thus I have no bothered with treatment however I know another treatment which I know works, is to do with those silicon gel pads.Do a search on Google to read up more about them.These pads are also good for old scars.

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The “younger” a scar is the better luck you will have. I have had positive results with the silicon gel pads on some old scars. no way it will make mine go away but it has reduced them and made them more flexible.

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