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Recommended Supplements

Recommended Supplements

I was surfing through a site and I saw the following:

One fairly easy way to help speed up the process of enlarging your penis is by supplementing your diet with a few secret ingredients. If you want an added boost, pick them up at your drug store.

In addition to helping you with your exercise (PE) they can also give the sexual “fuel” that you need to perform your best when it comes time for intercourse. Gregory’s “secret” ingredients are listed below, as they were in his journal.

Daily Supplements

Calcium 500mg
Iron 5mg
Magnesium 250mg
Vitamin A 100mg
Vitamin C 1000mg
Vitamin E 250mg
Vitamin B12 300mcg


Does anyone know a brand or range that contains all those nutrients in a one-a-day style multivitamin?

Has anyone taken this? If so, what are the short and long term effects of the added vitamins?

This is a small subset of supplements that I would take. I can’t vouch for percentages, but I take more than that amount for all of them except iron every day. I don’t supplement iron, and I believe for many men other then vegetarians it is somewhat negative to your health to supplement with excessive unneeded iron.

Doses this small are unlikely to have any macroscopic effect. If you are looking for supplements, SuperSpectrim No Iron Daily Vitamins and Minerals, and Super Spectrim Tri Minerals are great. Take 3 of the vitamins twice a day, and one of the triminerals twice a day with it. The combination of the zinc and vitamins has noticeable impacts on ejaculate volume, and I believe these are superior multi-vitamin and mineral supplements and benefit health in general.


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