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Read this information about L-arginine dosage. It is correct??

Read this information about L-arginine dosage. It is correct??…/lar_0024.shtml

See at the bottom where it says dosage and administration…”To help aid with sperm quantity and quality, doses of 10 to 20 grams daily have been used in divided doses. Doses of 5 grams daily have been used for erectile dysfunction.” That’s an insane load of arginine…anyone has tried that amount?

c’mon guys I know a lot here use l-arginine for volume….do yall use that much?


I take 2 grams/day.

I don’t always take it, when I do I take around 5g.

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well I was reading other sites about arginine for load increase and they all talk about doses over 10 grams a day… something doesn’t make sense…

I use 1 g/day, occasionally 1.5 g/day (in 500 mg capsules). Is it really that necessary/healthy/advisory to take large amounts like 5 g? That would mean that I’d have to take 10 capsules every day, which is ridiculous.

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I took 1.5 grams a day (500 mg three times/day on empty stomach) then increased to 3000 mg a day (1000 mg 3 x). Ejaculate volume did not increase until after two weeks but better erections started sooner.



I experimented with higher doses of Arginine but it made my tummy very unhappy. I have just placed an order for AAKG and will see how that goes.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

well guys google l-arginine and almost all studies in relation to impotence as well as quality and quantity of sperm relate the doses to 10 grams daily and up. Probably some people will see results with less but not everybody. For the majority of the population seems to work in high doses and for a large period of time; 3-4 weels or more.

Does L-Arginine work? One of the larger threads on L-arginine. Do a search for arginine and you will get many pages of threads.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I once took about 6grams for three days, and had to quit because I started to feel dizzy and almost fainted.

I have a relatively low blood pressure already, so that was too much for me.

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