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Questions about L-arginine

Questions about L-arginine

So I’ve been searching around the forum for information about the use of L-arginine and despite the huge amount of information available I still need to ask a couple of questions.
My first one being if there has been any consensus about what form is the best to use, powder vs pills. I’ve started taking 500mg pills that I got at Whole Foods, 2 at a time, between 3 to 4 times a day. Ill take them right when I wake up so I have about twenty minutes before I eat breakfast. Ill also take them before going to bed, and then Ill try and take them other times throughout the day when ever I have an empty stomach. From what I’ve read 5000mg/5g is the recommended does to see results and that your supposed to build up to that. I’m about a week in to this and haven’t gone above 4g a day and seem to be having a hard time with that amount. My issues with it being stomach problems and kind of a slight fuzziness in my head when I do to much. I’ve tried taking 1.5 g at a time and I just can’t do that. And I also try and drink as much water as possible which usually helps a bit.

I will say that I have noticed a difference in my morning wood/ PI, which has been lacking from probably over training. I will also comment that I think I have had a deficiency do to the fact that I have allergies to gluten/wheat and peanuts, which seem to be the foods with the highest concentrations of L-arginine. I came to the conclusion about a year or so ago that these items where the cause of my psoriasis and since I’ve eliminated them from my diet I rarely see it any more. Anyway..

Was also wondering if people who are taking large doses at once find it better to be taking them at specific times, like before bed versus when you get up. I know people talk about taking it before working out and I’ve tried it and it just messes with my stomach. Once again should I try a different form?

I’m also wondering if anyone who uses powder forms has stomach issues? I hear it tastes like shit but I just want the best source that I can get with out the issues that I’m going through.

Also I’m seeing people talk about using the Akg form and wondering if that is actually better then just taking normal L-arginine. I’ve looked into the NO2 but I don’t think I go to the gym enough to justify using that just for my erections. Lots of options out there and Ill start mixing it up but any input is helpful. Thanks

The difference between powder and pill supplements are usually just speed of breakdown and absorption. Sometimes older people don’t have strong enough acids to break down pills quickly enough. Other than that it’s just convenient, blocks taste, and has fillers, but shouldn’t make a big difference.

You can take up to 6g, but much less might work for you. It might just take a couple weeks to see results. If you’re having side effects cut down on it and drink more water. You’re already seeing positive effects, so a lower dose over the next couple weeks could prove to be enough.

Also, you should probably wait more than 30 mins before eating and avoid taking it with anything with sugar.

Specific time? I don’t know, but morning and night seem to be a common time.

It seems that people say the AAKG is more effective and therefore you require even less. You can get it cheaply in powder form too.

Thanks for the reply Dickstrong. Have you been using it? I’m going to switch up what I’ve been taking and am thinking about buying some AAKG. From what I’ve read though it seems like it is also supposed to give you energy as well, so maybe that is something you shouldn’t be taking before bed I’m thinking.

I did begin taking it for a few days. I bought some in pill form from a store just to see if it worked before I bought a powder from online.

I took 3 grams for about 4 days and noticed results pretty much right away with increased erections throughout the day. I stopped though, because I wanted to see what kind of effect PE had on my EQ and know for sure it wasn’t supplements. I also noticed it might have made me more sensitive, but I can’t say with such a small test.

But you might have to take more for a longer period before you feel results. Start small, work your way up to 2-4 grams a day and wait a couple weeks. If it works, cut back and find your cheapest level while still remaining effective. If it doesn’t work, increase a little.

Edit: Forgot to specify. I was taking AAKG.

Good source for low price……lutarate-Powder

I’ve seen that vitacost link show up in a couple of posts, looks good. Did you try just regular L-arginine before taking AAKG? Also how did you take it? In one dose or spread throughout the day? Could you take it before bed and not have issues falling asleep?

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