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question mainly for the ladies.

question mainly for the ladies.

I’m wondering if the lovely ladies at thunder’s could tell me of an alternative to viagra for women.

I remember reading a thread saying that viagra caused one of the women at thunder’s to have heart palpitations. I think it was either Sunny or Anna, so I really don’t want my wife to try viagra.

She has never even mentioned that she would like to try anything like this but, I’m obsessed with giving her the most pleasure that I can and if she were up for it I’d like her to try it.

Thanks for any replies.

p.s. I have searched already, but please feel free to tell me to search again.

Sorry. I was quite drunk while posting this. I will do a proper search.


I don’t think there’s much discussion on this here. Searching the web won’t get you very far either since everything you’ll find is selling something.

Women can take Viagra, and it does seem to help with arousal. If anyone has experience with their woman taking supplements or drugs for sexual improvment, let’s hear about it.

I am not a lady, but I remember reading something about Vitara which is for chicks.

Anna never tried viagra, as far as I know. Actually she was a bit surprised when she realized how many members experiment with V just for the fun of it.

Am I correct, Anna? :D

...not buried yet, another 5" ahead!

KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

I’ve searched on google and found vitara.

It is a cream that you apply to the clitoral area that increases blood flow to the area and as a result becomes more sensitive.

It was developed by a guy called Dr. Frank Toppo and was listed on the physician’s desk reference in 2001.

It is a bit on the pricey side at $49.95 and at the moment I can’t afford it so I won’t be buying it. But if I do try it I will let you know.

And here’s a link for anyone who’s interested.

Thank’s everyone.

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