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Question about Saline

Question about Saline

Sorry for asking here but I’m new to this and don’t know where to put it.
I can’t find any post or thread about Saline infusion, is a topic not related to this site?
I think it is somehow.
Would like to ask questions related so if any can give me any clue about writing or not writing about this?

Thanks and sorry if this is not okay

Maybe what you call saline infusion could be called differently? I am confident that if it can have the most vague link with the penis, someone wrote something about here.

Do you mean this?…rotal-infusion/

It’s not forbidden to speak about that (or anything else). I think you won’t get much support here for a practice like that though, looks quite dangerous to me.

Thanks. That’s exactly what I mean. Besides exercises I was tempting to try that out and was looking for further information. And I certainly don’t know another site as full of people concerned with male genitalia than this.

If someone know anything about it would be grateful for further information.

You can get the same results with pumping too much (which is not advised though).

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