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Pygeum vs Saw Palmetto?

Pygeum vs Saw Palmetto?

Howdy all,

Every time I search for Pyguem I always get lots of results for Saw Palmetto. Are the two interchangeable for our goal of increased seamen and precum volume?

Also, can anyone recommend a brand/place to buy? Does this one seem alright:…ail/SWH097.html

Thank you in advance!

I think Swanson has a good reputation. The way you spelled semen, “seamen” is the way you spell it if you’re talking about sailors. So that’s kinda funny. I don’t know why you’d think it was one versus the other. Both are beneficial, and there are supplements that contain both. I notice more pre-cum from pygeum. Your results may be different.

Originally Posted by raybbaby
The way you spelled semen, “seamen” is the way you spell it if you’re talking about sailors. So that’s kinda funny. I don’t know why you’d think it was one versus the other.

Your observation of the misspelling being funny gave me a good laugh. I think it was the word ‘sailors’.

Back to the topic, I take both pygeum and saw palmetto, 200mg and 900mg respectively. Like raybbaby said, I’ve heard that pygeum has more of an effect on precum while other things like zinc and lecithin help to fill out ejaculate volume. I know it definitely does for me, anyway.

Sorry to not answer your question directly but I am not sure that you’ll find a whole lot of guys that take pygeum or saw palemetto exclusively; let alone taking one and comparing it to the other to try to differentiate the effects. I would suggest just buying both and take them together since they’re relatively inexpensive.

Better yet, just search for Holy Grail of Cum here and you’ll find a pretty effective cocktail for increasing precum and ejaculate volume. I use it and it definitely works although I think the components that have the most effect are the lecithin and the pygeum in combination with the zinc.

Try out different stuff and see what works.

Good luck!

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Derp. I knew something didn’t look right. Rereading that, a goal of increasing seamen does sound hilarious. Too bad I can’t edit. Oh well, you know what I mean.

Back to topic.

I tried supplements a while ago. Zinc and Lecithin really didn’t do anything for me. I wonder if it’s a testosterone level thing. So I’m curious to see if this will do anything. Anyways, prostate health is always a good thing. I just didn’t want to waste my time with a bad product that won’t do anything for me. Thanks for the feedback!

Beta Sitosterol for Pre Cum?

Hi all,

actually I was wondering, too which of the herbs is better. During the last month I took Pygeum Soft Gels 200mg on a daily base. I could see a nice increase in pre cum.

Searching a bit around I found out that there a different extracts of pygeum regarding the percentage of Phytosterols. These Physterols are the main active components of Pygeum (and Saw Palmetto as well) - at least if you believe:…sitosterol.html for example or…rol_95_90_.html

The Phytosterols split to:
Brassicasterol <5%
Camperterol 15-30%
Stigmasterol 10-30%
Betasitosterol >40%

This percentage is commonly not part of the nutrition information. Normally you can only see Pygeum (bark) or sometimes Pygeum (extract).

So far I realized that you actually cannot compare any Pygeum products. So a low quality product could have only 2% of Phytosterols and a quality product up to 25%. So you may have 500mg Caps which are less “biological active” than 50mg soft gels e.g.

Next logical step was to search just for some Physterols products. If you search amazon e.g. there are plenty of products as well - some have only the Betasitosterol, others have all the Physterols.

E.g. one product has Phytosterol Complex 937 mg † Yielding: beta-Sitosterol 375 mg † Campesterol 187 mg † Stigmasterol 131 mg.

If you would want the same dosage of Phytosterols, you must take 8g of 12% Pygeum.

So far so good. Now I am wondering if taking these Phytosterol supplements would also boost pre cum, maybe even more noticeable?

These products are also taken for prostate health and hair loss - there were some reports that it is possible loosing libido this way. The same was also true for the herbs which have an even lower dosage. Anyone experience?

Originally Posted by raybbaby

I think Swanson has a good reputation.

Agreed, I’ve been buying from Swanson for the past 3 years.

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