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Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds

Is it true these things help with the exercises and help you get fuller harder erections?

Is there any pills out there that at least aid these exercises?

I dunno, Pumpkin seed is a good source of zinc and healthy fats to be sure. Somewhere I read Peter North eats them by the ton, but I can’t say for sure as we’ve never hung out. Arginine, which is the main ingredient in pre-workout NO2 boosters is good for erection strength. Products like No-explode, controlled labs “White Flood”, and Gaspari nutrition’s “Superpump 250 all come to mind, but any kind of Arginine will work. You may be able to find something out there in tablet form that is cheaper and as effective as these brand name products. I should really buy some pumpkin seed next time I’m at the store. They’re good and good for you, and cheaper than arginine, which I take anyways for weight lifting. You can also buy pumpkin seed oil in capsules at most supplement stores. I found it increased pre-cum, but that will differ for different people.

I take a tablet that contains saw palmetto, pumpkin seed and pygeum. Went from dry tip to loads of precum.

Also use a libido enhancer : contains, MACA , Arginine, ginseng and zinc. Decent increase in blood flow to cock resulting in harder erections and increases volume of come.

I also stopped smoking for 4 months now. Orgasm feels much harder :-)

Hey Framer, what’s the name of those tablets and where do you get them?

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