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Anyone know how this drug is coming along? And will it be available soon, or is it already?

What is it?

"Some of the guys do have monster weenies, but most of them are around 6-7 inches. It's more important to have a reliable dick than a big one, as proven by Randy West. I personally hate big dicks, and I won't work with anyone 8 or more inches if I can help it. Most of the girls in our business agree, when shooting a long sex scene or more than one scene in a day, smaller is definitely better! You can reach my G-spot just fine with your finger, so anything else is redundant!"-Asia Carrera

I just googled it, apparently it is a crazy horny-making drug that works just as well on females as males.

Right, it actually promotes arousal not just blood flow

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Man, I’m fed up of pumping shit through my body just for that ‘better’ erection.

"Al, over the years we\\'ve taken roles from one another. People have tried to compare us to one another, to pit us against each other and to tear us apart personally. I\\'ve never seen the comparison frankly. I\\'m clearly much taller, more the leading-man type. Honestly, you just may be the finest actor of our generation - with the possible exception of me." (talking about Al Pacino)

- Robert De Niro

Originally Posted by Noodles_
Man, I’m fed up of pumping shit through my body just for that ‘better’ erection.

So am I but unfortunately that’s the only choice I’ve got. It’s either pump the shit through the body or no erection at all.

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