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Protein and gains


Thanks for the info, so this has help your gains?

I can say that my gains happened to come to a complete halt when I went from eating ~200g a day to more like 50-70g a day. I am just starting to lift again and plan to bump up my protein intake as well. I really hope my gains start again too!

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Protein is the key to building any body tissue whether it be skin, muscle fibers, or cavernous tissue.

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I exercise a lot and pe and never saw big gains till I started taking protein last week. In one week I see the effects of protein on both my body and penis. Maybe it’s too early to say but I think protein makes a huge difference.

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I buy this idea, as although you may have more protein than your body uses, the higher concentration of protein running through your blood means that your tissues have easier access to the protein, allowing for faster growth.


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