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Prolonged erections several hours and several months enough for gains some cases


The gains reported in the link mentioned by Wurst are suspiciously high. Additionally I can’t help but wonder about scarring: 18 months of injections on a frequent basis, even with a very fine needle, could create problems in itself. Are the penises mentioned usable?

Originally Posted by Dino9X7
I guess that’s the one good thing about sickle cell, I have heard that some of these guys can get huge because of it.


Could explain why a lot of black guys are hung being as it’s ,supposedly, a disease caught only by black folks.


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This was an idea I had quite a while back, and I based it on the fact that permanent elongation of collagen fibres can be achieved with the application of low/long-duration forces under heated conditions. I had asked whether having an erection of very high quality for a long period, under heated conditions, would provide the adequate environment for permanent tunica deformation.

It’s certainly worth investigation.

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Controlled priapism is in a sense what PE is all about. I’ve always been fascinated with priapsm and sickel cell anemia since I first read up on it. I’ve also been wanting a huge supply of viagra to take a few times a week to supplement my PE program as well. I just need to find a way to get some. I would only take it a few times a week and I would cycle it carefully. God I wish I had a 55 gallon drum filled with viagra powder. A life time supply.

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Perception is reality.

Originally Posted by kooljohn

Could explain why a lot of black guys are hung being as it’s ,supposedly, a disease caught only by black folks.


Probably not.

Sickle cell disease is not a disease which is ‘caught’, it’s a genetic predisposition, and relatively rare at that: 1 in 500 black births in the United States; and it’s not limited to the black population, in any case.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.


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