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Priapus Shot Received

You can get it in various forms and it is legal as far as I know due to the various products one can obtain. Like sprays and so forth business people are using to elicit trust in meetings and so forth. But I have been using an injectable form, and you can get a precription for it [its being used to help austic kids become socially more adept] . You can find it on the internet, one way is search for it as oxytocin 1200iu. I have read recommended dose, and it’s like 30-100iu, and its my understanding that 1200iu is 5mg of oxytocin. You should double check this for your self but what I do is re-constitute my 1200iu with 2cc of BAC water, hence 1 unit on my insulin syringe is ~60iu. I have done 60iu but wife has done up to 180iu but it made her erpy and was a bit to much… I would stay under 120iu or so, as we have not had any issues below that. Also it seems like it has more effect if you dose near your genitals vs in your butt. I get erpy more if I do it near my belly, so now we always do it in our butt do avoid any erpy feelings. But thats us. I seem to note it can impact my erections, but I do take NO supps and Choline as well to help the Oxytocin.

Interesting side note, orgasm can be impacted and subtle intimacy by oxytocin, it does not make anyone a nympho or something crazy, its subtle but notable. Also there is some ideas surfacing regarding LH, which HCG can mimick also GnRH is involved. But there is a patent filed that points to studies done to impicate these with libido and desire in females. We have tried some HCG and it might be the case, its only anecdotal I know but I think the research is only in its infancy, sort of like PRP and PRFM where penis enlargement is, but hey its gota start somewhere and I was and am willing.

BTW my appointment to get my next Priapus shot got pushed out until April 21st!

Still not got my second shot, but am due to in a number of weeks but we shall see…

You can get oxytocin online from at least two good sources. Try Unity Peptides for one…

What happened to Inuic? Did he ever get the second shot?

Originally Posted by inuic
Skeptics just waste time most of the time and add hardly any value to the sum of human knowledge ever…

…I have studied it fiercely because I am a skeptic…

I blame you for us not having a moon colony, synthadroid sex workers, and rocket cars!

Hold on; not. Skepticism is core to the scientific process. The scientific process is why we have added more to the sum of human knowledge in the last 1-2 centuries than in all the time preceding. (Human psychology + scientific process = some very interesting blind spots in our knowledge: a topic for another day.)

Originally Posted by inuic
People trying to reach a common goal usually do well to work openly together, in a place where everyone attacks and gives no benefit of doubt that does not happen so keep that in mind if your really believe this is a place of help.

I do really believe this is a place of help. Your wording suggests that you do not; so, why are you here?

Originally Posted by inuic
The positive evidence far out weighs what little negative there is against it…

So once again my experience out weighs your findings

You have yet to post a link to positive evidence directly related to the PRP applications we are discussing. I do not doubt that you and your wife have had positive experiences; but, two people do not outweigh all the quackery debunking articles on this topic and the the Doc’s involved. Claiming that the evidence is everywhere and easy to find and that we are at fault for not finding it and agreeing with you is (bad) basic gorilla marketing.

I do think that we are less than 10 years away from some weird medical application breakthrough that, when combines with PE, will give freaky gains in a relatively short time. I would not be at all surprised if PRP applications is part of the mix.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Can someone please PM me with a reliable source for IGF-1LR3? Thanks a bunch!

I got the Priapus shot 3 weeks ago from Dr. Lee Howard at Artemis in Franklin, TN. He explained to me that I would get the full effect in three months and it could last as long as 18 months. So far I haven’t felt or noticed anything different at all so I’m hoping it gets better from here. The shots themselves weren’t quite as bad as I had feared. The worst two were the second ones further up in the shaft. I had to hold my breath and grit my teeth a little on those. The one in the glans was the one I was afraid of the most but turns out it was the easiest to take. Bruising started almost immediately and lasted about a week. A pump comes along with it and you are “supposed” to pump twice a day once in the morning and once at night for 10-15 minutes at 10mmHg. I told the doc that I had tried pumping several years ago but couldn’t due to being very thin and having no fat. The pain at the base is just too much to take. He said do the best I can with it. Well turns out I still have pain issues. The most pressure I can stand is only about 5mmHg and I can only go about 5 minutes before it has to come off.

If anyone remembers my history I have a very, very, low sex drive resulting from a mystery illness 11 years ago. So I’ve had to rely on Cialis and other drugs to get an erection but I always have trouble maintaining it during penetration. I get the least little bit tired and down she goes. I was hoping this shot was going to be the answer for that and keep the erection up during intercourse. I had sex with the girlfriend this past weekend which was the first time since the shot and nothing has changed. After about 5 minutes when I start getting tired and frustrated I lose it and can’t get it back. The doctor is supposed to be calling for a followup any day now and I’m hoping he will say things should be improving over the next few weeks. He also mentioned there is a followup shot at three months if I want it. It’s a small fraction of the original price. If things don’t change I’ll be getting the follow up shot. If things don’t improve after that then all of this will have been for nothing.

Mods if this doesn’t belong here please put it in the appropriate location but this is the biggest most recent thread I could find discussing the Priapus shot.

10 hg is way too high pressure according to any pumping vets. For sexual intercourse, have you already tried caverject/trimix?

Originally Posted by marinera
10 hg is way too high pressure according to any pumping vets. For sexual intercourse, have you already tried caverject/trimix?

No I haven’t tried that. I know some guys that have used that but I don’t know about injecting myself. I would rather not go that route if at all possible.

Anyone else try this shot?

If girth is king, why the hell does everyone keep talking about length?

I’ve read about the first five pages or so. I have no idea about the procedure, I could not get one even if I wanted to because I don’t live in the US, and I won’t comment on it.

I just wanted to say that it sounds real funny when people in a penis enlargement forum are bitching about FDA cases and peer reviewed articles and so on. Are you aware that mainstream medicine still do not accept the fact that a penis can grow with manual exercises? Are you aware that the mainstream medicine still thinks that size has no effect on female orgasm? Oh wait, a study in 2012 suggests that length may have something to do with vaginal orgasms. Suggests in 2012? Give me a break. There are still many doctors who think that all female orgasms are connected to the clitoris and etc.

You know that this is all bullshit, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. So why the fuck are you bitching about peer reviewed articles, eh? Mainstream medicine knows almost nothing about human sexuality.

Natural PE is not a medical procedure. Priapus shot is. So the lack of any medical proofs should be a concern. What if you get a cancer injecting that shit in your penis?

Beside that, it’s not that because the ‘official’ science is wrong on something (or has nothing to say about) than we should believe to every bullshit, from witches to santa claus.

Originally Posted by marinera
Natural PE is not a medical procedure. Priapus shot is. So the lack of any medical proofs should be a concern. What if you get a cancer injecting that shit in your penis?

That shit you are referring to is used widely by the orthopedic society if I am not mistaken. So, it is not an entirely experimental substance with the potential of giving you cancer. Besides, my point was not to say that you should not do research before getting a medical procedure. When discussing this kind of stuff, you should be more concerned about the anecdotal evidence, rather than the number of published medical papers. If it was the contrary, none of us would be here. So we should ask him to bring the so called other doctors to the forums, and ask their opinion on the subject. We should ask him to find other patients who had had success with this procedure. I think the doctor would be willing to try this with a control group already practicing PE, without charge.

I think this guy has a lot of potential to officially dispel this nonsense around human sexuality like:

* Female orgasm is only clitorally induced and vaginal orgasm is actually clitoral orgasm (bullcrap)
* That the vagina is not sensitive beyond x inches (maybe to touch, but definitely not to pressure)
* Therefore penis size/vaginal tightness has nothing to do with the variety, intensity or the easiness of female orgasm (bullcrap)
* And finally that penis size cannot be improved.

This treatment would invalidate all this at once if proven in the medical community. There was only andropenis who could back up their claims with published articles. But this is more than that. This Runels guy is the first medical doctor with a medical invention (vampire facelift, which by the way made into the mainstream) and which I’ve seen to grasp the wisdom that we (at least me) have attained here over the years. I am talking about the big impact penis size, erectile quality, vaginal tone have on orgasm, and that all can be improved.

This is what he wrote in 2012 when the medical community was busy surveying 323 Czech students about the relation between penile length and vaginal orgasm:

“Penis size and intensity of female orgasm. Any correlation?

RetR0 Vir@l asked 1 year ago

Now I know a lot of you are gonna be like ‘Oh GOD! Not another one.’ but am genuinely curious about something else. Am okay with my size around 6x6 and am planning to get a sex toy for me and my girlfriend. She has not been with too many guys and says my size is perfect for her which I believe but I sometimes feel like she would enjoy a more fuller feeling. I have been reading about these cock sleeves, 9x6, 9x7, and the comments from the guys who have bought them are amazing! They all talking bout how the WAGS have mind blowing multiple orgasms from as little as 6 strokes with the sleeves on and how they beg for more. Or how the ladies tell them their actual size is enough but scream and squirt like never before once the sleeves come on, how they beg for more and can't wait for the next pounding even for the ladies who previously did with a lot less sex. Some women even start to have sex only when the sleeve is on. [emphasis mine]

So my question is, is it the psychological pleasure due to the increase in size like he is a bigger man now, the staying power as the man is desensitized hence can last longer, the feeling of being penetrated by someone else(the women say the sleeves feel very real), the length hitting on the A-spot or the girth rubbing on the g-spot, the feeling of being filled? And if it is the sum total of all these, which is most important? And which the least?

Or are most of the comments a marketing gimmick from the makers themselves.

I want to get my gf a nice gift so help me out. Especially the ladies.”

Charles Runels, MDanswered1 year ago

“Truth is that for about 1 in 10 women, the penis is completely irrelevant because they tend to be more homosexual. Then there’s about 10% who have a very small vagina, and a member the size of yours would actually hurt. Then you’ve got about 10% who just want the biggest possible (just like some guys are hung up on the biggest breasts). The other 70% are completely happy with anything near the normal range that works and that’s attached to man worth sleeping with.

For most, a 6” circumference would feel “just right.” One study showed that the favorite size for most women is 6” in circumference and 8” long. But, again, it varies greatly with the woman.

Best, way to find out about your lover is to simply be honest and open enough to try it out. There’s just no way to know otherwise. The stats to not predict any one particular woman. Even with the same woman, orgasms can be like snow flakes—no two alike.

If you want another way to give her extra pleasure.. These two procedures are also becoming more popular (because they work):

1. The O-Shot (R) makes her feel more so that a smaller penis feels larger. I’ve even had women tell me that before the shot they preferred a larger penis, then after the shot a smaller penis felt better.

2. The Priapus Shot (R) now offers the most advanced way to cause an increase in size.

Both use platelet-derived growth factors to stimulate multi-potent stem cells to generate new tissue.

But, the short answer to your question, is to don’t depend on this forum! Go buy one, put it on, then ask your lover. The reason the sleeve might feel better or WORSE depends upon the woman and on you! Do you have premature ejaculation without it? Does she enjoy more girth or find it painful?

The answer will come from her. The best new is that just because you want to know the answer for her identifies you as a potentially amazing lover (surprisingly many men still think every woman responds the same).

IMPORTANT: You must make it safe for her to give you an honest answer. Are you brave enough for the truth without getting your feelings hurt? If not, then don’t ask.

Hope this helps.

Peace & health,


Charles Runels, MD

Very good answer (minus the advertisment maybe). At least he’s not one of those parrots who keep saying that its psychological and it is because there is more pressure on the clitoris and etc.

This is the oldest surviving penis enlargement forum and we (actually you) are entitled to order to them to be summoned here at once. The doctors should be happy to get the chance to prove this to you. Runels actually posted in the other enlargement forum IIRC.

And an FDA case actually is a positive sign on my behalf. Do you think that people who are smart enough to become medical practitioners, the top ones who feed this kind of information into the mainstream, cannot tell whether or not penis size matters to female orgasm? That they actually believe this shit (the four points mentioned above) for themselves?

I don’t think so. Some how the people who run the institutions like FDA and their counterparts want humanity to be confused and desperate about sexuality. But this is a whole other issue.

And finally, there is some medical proof. This procedure clearly works on the face and joints and etc. And from what I read I can say that this thing would most probably work for the vagina. The mechanism for the loss of tone in the vagina is not much different from the face as far as I understand. But I am no expert on this.

Originally Posted by marinera
Beside that, it’s not that because the ‘official’ science is wrong on something (or has nothing to say about) than we should believe to every bullshit, from witches to santa claus.


Originally Posted by yarrrak
That shit you are referring to is used widely by the orthopedic society if I am not mistaken. …

What is used widely byt the orthopedic society? Which precise substance? In what part of the body? To obtain what? Your post is so superficial that could have been written by Runnels himself. Your faith in this guy (who has a video on youtube where he teach how to inject testosterone, you can figure his professional level just by that) is based on the fact that he believe most of women can have orgasm through penetration? Well my illiterate grandpa thinks the same you could consider having a penis enlargement procedure performed by him, I promise he will make you pay less than Runnels.

FYI no penis enlargement procedure is approved by any medical association, even less this supposed ‘stem cell therapy’ which actually is nothing else than a doubious filler.

Watch this.

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