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Premature E pill.......

Premature E pill.......

Has anyone ever heard of this product? or tired it? I’ve read a few random reviews that claim some good things about it but I’m not crazy about the sources. (other PE forums) All input is welcome.

I guess it’s getting to the point that my premature E is really starting to bother me…even though I’m single IF the chance comes up for me to get some “attention” it only lasting 2-3 minutes is getting quite annoying and not helping my id, ego, or super ego at all. I’ve been doing kegels but they don’t seem to be working….I’m getting very frustrated. I can’t afford to go to a specialist right now…being that I am back in college full time and not working. I was with a woman a few weeks back and well…it was the shortest I’ve ever been…30 seconds. Granted it had been 6 months since the last time I got “any” but come on….I shouldn’t be a 2 pump chump. She said it was ok and that she understood…but it is REALLY bugging me. Well anyways…any input is helpful. thanks

Sorry to hear about the problems… I would say no one has really tested those pills yet for helping solve a premature ejaculation problem so no one knows if they really work yet unlike penis enlargement pills, but I will tell you that if you that PE for a fact can help you solve your problem if your willing to put in a lot of time and effot into understanding and excersizing your johnson.

For kegels I would say do tons of them all day long until your PC/BC muscle is kind of sore and needs rest, then do a few more later :P Also I believe actually in a way all PE excersizes (stretching, jelqing, kegels, clamping, hanging, sqeezes, etc) all have some benefit in not only enlarging the penis but all keeping it healthy if you do the excersizes correctly and helping with your problem premature ejaculation… One technique that might really help you is find some private time and see how long you can masterbate for to porn. When you feel you are almost about ejaculate then stop let go of your dick and kegel and hold that kegel then slowly let go of the kegel when you feel the ejaculation feeling starting to go away then continue on with playing with yourself… if you do this several times in a masterbation session it will help with you with your premature ejaculation problem (also there might be some girth benifits?). I have done this for a couple weeks now and I notice I have more control over the sensations/feelings of my penis as I stroke because I am used to the feeling… Also by edging a few times you will ejaculate much more cum which is a bonus! So good luck. :)

Mr E 1974, those ingredients listed don’t really send off a bell to me, maybe others will chime in. Have you looked into L-Histidine? Supposedly L-Histidine helps with PE, just google for it and see what you think.

What has worked well for me is edging and abstinence, both used as a measure to retrain old reactions to stimulation.

Man I had a similar problem. It sucks to be young. Part of the problem too is that you haven’t gotten any for 6 months and you’re probably feeling some performance anxiety. Here’s what I’ve learned in the last two years with my current partner—take this with a grain of salt.

I used to be a real giver; determined to give her the experience of a lifetime. I would focus on turning the lady on but it wouldn’t do a whole lot for me. As soon as she was ready for me I’d mount her (maybe tease her for a few more minutes;) but I’d just end up ‘blowing it’ too soon. I’ve come to realize that when I’m turned on (physically&mentally) that I’m a lot harder and I can perform a lot better. So GET A LITTLE GREEDY! This might mean getting her to talk dirty to you, spank you, maybe you like candles and incense or blarring heavy metal… whatever turns you on. Personally I’ve really enjoyed when the lady would do a little oral foreplay (5, 10 minute BJ) just to get my engines revving and I’d be able to last a lot longer inside her. Maybe it helps me to relax or maybe it’s just a good prep for what is to come… I guess the biggest thing is just DON’T think about how long you’re gonna last, DON’T wonder if you’re gonna last long enough, DON’T worry if you’re gonna blow to early, just DON’T even think about your climax. RELAX and enjoy the experience. Personally I think prejac is all just a mental thing that probably comes from over-thinking. Ever notice how when you’re drunk and don’t give a damn you can last forever? Or if you want to speed up your ejaculation you just think about it?

A lot of that is easier said than done and being in a long term relationship really helps but you’ll get the hang of it… In the MEANTIME here’s what I call the ‘brute force method.’ Try it out a couple of times when you’re masturbating to get the hang of it:

When you hit your point of no return, just before your contractions start, you take your thumb and pointer finger, just like jelqing, and SQUEEZE (as hard as you can buddy) the base of your penis. Hold that squeeze right through your contractions and even a few seconds after they subside.

This accomplishes two things: 1) you have a “dry” orgasm (no semen comes out, or very little depending on how hard you clamp). and 2) you stay hard!

Apparently you’re forcing the semen into your bladder and you’ll pee it out later (they have a scientific name for this but it eludes me). While it’s not as fun as shooting your load, and the orgasm isn’t as intense, the plus side is that you don’t have to clean up and you can get hard again faster (I’ve never lost my erection using this method).

Now, I don’t know if this does any permanent damage to you… maybe after a couple of years you’d train your body to cum inside instead of blowing… not really sure. I’m sure this isn’t a ‘new’ concept, I think I might have even gotten the idea from a cock ring.

Anyway man, I’ve been using this method for two years now (on and off) with no apparent side effects. It’s worth a shot and beats the hell out of PC clamps (I think they had a reverse effect on me) in my opinion.

There are some e-books out there (I can e-mail you a couple good ones) about mastering your ejaculation that are worth a read. They basically all say the same thing: using the 1-10 arousal rating system, plateuing, edging, moving the sexual energy throughout your body (focusing less on your dick and more on the whole experience), kegals, etc. They’re worth a try too if you’re still having problems.

Hope something in here helps or that you find something that does. Not sure how that oral medication would work but I remember seeing an ad in the paper the other day about it. I scrounged up the number for you 1-866-9-ASK-HOW (18669275469)… They’re testing out some oral medication so if you’re willing to be a human gunieau pig it could save you a few bucks.

Shine On.

Strength and Honour

That is great advice rob. I remember about a year ago I had the worst damn premature ejactulation problem. I tried every single supplement in the world and researched the hell out of the subject. I didnt know about thunders at the time but I read about supposed cures for pe literally every single day. This was my first girlfriend and I wanted to please her and my confidence was shot to hell and I was depressed about my horrible pe. The relationship failed and ended. Afterwards I was so horny and aggresive I started coversations with random chicks and met a new girl and I became the most selfish asshole. I did what I wanted sexually because and didnt do anything for her really and I could suddenly last a really long time. For this and and other reasons I became much much more confident about my performance and a lot better with women as a result. My first girlfriend who dumped me is now mine for about 2 years now and I have her wrapped around my finger. I bumped into her at the mall after about a month after my new succes with women and she was turned on big time at how confident I was. Plus I had chicks calling me like 5 times during the 30 minutes I was talking to her. The biggest thing was that I didnt need her. She continued to pursue me and now instead of doing everything to please her, I am naturally dominant and aggresive. If If were hanging out and I want to bend her over a table and work it into sex ill just do it. I pull hair, spank her, put my dick in her face to suck it, etc. And she loves it all and I so do I. Plus I last longer.

By the way I can tell you right now that prejac stuff is absolute crap. Whenever you come across a product like that be scientifically skeptical. People make the mistake of just reading the advertising and getting excited. You gotta scan through all that garbage and find the ingredients and research them. If a product does not list its ingredients you can count on it that its completely worthless.

Good luck with the premature ejactulation. It can really drive you crazy.

More thoughts on the subject here

and the closest they have to what could be a majic pill here



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