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powder sildenafil


powder sildenafil

I was getting ready to place an order at for some sildenafil at $40 for one gram, but decided to check out first, and there prices start at $64 for five grams. Who has the best product and is there some other places to check out. Thank’s

How would a guy weigh out say 25mgs or 50mgs from a 1gram bag of powder? Seems pretty impossible to me unless they provide a measuring spoon or sumthin!

Do these powedered products come with a spoon etc guys?

Kitsnmore don’t supply any measuring tools. Your options are probably to suspend the powder in some kind of solution and then measure out by ml or to buy a scale that can measure in the mg range.

You might be able to find a pharmacist who has mg range scales to measure it into caps for you. My father used to have one, in the days when pharmacists did much more of their own compounding.

Or mix it thoroughly with a powdered filler of some kind at ten-to-one by volume or something similar - so 1/4 tsp of the mix would equal your desired mg dose.

Capping is not that hard, but you need the right supplies. I wouldn’t be eating pure chemical base off of a tablespoon.

Without scales, 5 grams of powder /= 5000mg

5000mg= 50 ct. X 100mg.

You could begin by halving that or into 5th/ and go on from there. Put into caps.

A tidious process.

Thanks for the link caster, will maybe get a scale there.

I got my jewelers scale from old will.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I’m looking for one, not too expensive, but even more, one that is accurate.

Checking them out at old wills.



Thanks mravg for the links, and yes, they are fairly cheap. Have bookmarked the link.

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