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Powder-based supplements allowed on plane

Powder-based supplements allowed on plane

Sorry, I wanted this to go to the supplements forum, but I can’t post there yet.

Anyway, I’m going overseas in a few weeks, and I’m wondering whether I can take my L-Arginine powder with me. It would be in checked luggage, of course. I’m afraid that since it’s white powder, they’ll either see it and think it’s drugs, or the drug-sniffing dogs will find it. Not being a druggy or past druggy, I have no idea how the smell of arginine compares to that of drugs.

Anyone have any idea? I tried searching the forum, google, and the TSA’s website, and I couldn’t find anything definitive.


They would assume it is a medication/supplement OTC type I guess.

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I don’t know if this would help. I went to Australia back in April 2006 and I took my Glutamine, Arginine/Ornithine, Whey Protein powders, and protein bars with me. They were all in their original packages. I was not sure they were legal or not in Aussie, but they recommended that I declare them before reaching customs. As a result, I declare them and they all were legal. The senior customs guy had to check my whey protein mix. They were just curious of the purpose. I told them that they were for my muscles/sport nutrition. If you don’t declare and they turn out to be illegal, you could be paying a huge fine. If you are not sure, then declare it.

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