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Possible PDE5 inhibitor alternative?

Possible PDE5 inhibitor alternative?

I’m actually not sure if this goes on the supplements or bodybuilding forum because it is a workout supplement. I been exploring with certain supplements and usually like any product from Optimum Nutrition and Controlled Labs and I have an all natural anabolic matrix from Crontrolles Labs called: Blue Gene. So I’m looking at the ingredients and it has some good stuff in here including l-carnitine, ginkgo biloba and epimedium (50% extracted Icariin). It has mixed reviews but what I feel from taking it is alot more strength, stamina and real horny. I swear it works better then Vigrx plus. The strength and recovery is insane though, most supplements do little for me but this hits the spot. The reason why I’m wondering is because I looked up Icariin and it says it’s demonstrated to act as a PDE5 inhibitor and a nitric oxide booster. I feel a good kinda tingling sensation in my penis after taking it and pop off with a massive erection just from rubbing against my jeans. Shit you not I had to push my dick down in the subway on my way to work today. I’ll post the link, it’s on I’m not selling this shit it just works really well for me and thought I’d share with you guys and see what you think?

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The supplements section is ok.

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