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Pomegranate juice


Pomegranate juice

Has anyone ever tried pomegranate juice? I’ve never seen it here in the UK, but after reading an email alert from Health Sciences Institute it says it can increase Nitric Oxide by up to 50%!

It apparently has other benefits for cholesterol, atherosclerosis, plus antioxidants etc. But Nitric Oxide up by 50%?!? That’s the best alternative to viagra I ever heard (if it’s true that is).

Throughout history, the pomegranate has been a symbol of fertility and the focus of legends of love. It's specifically mentioned in the Kama Sutra as a valuable aid in lovemaking. “The pomegranate is one of the sexiest foods on earth,” Reiley confirms. “Its crimson shade is the color of desire. They're messy and sticky, and because there's no other way to eat a pomegranate than with your fingers, the act of consuming the juicy little seeds becomes a sensuous act of play. In ancient Greece, the pomegranate was the symbol of Dionysian rites. Today, the fruit is touted for its high vitamin C content.”

Any idea how many pomegranates you would have to eat to boost NO by 50%?

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Hmmm, interesting find Shiver.

Other studies have uncovered the antioxidants in pomegranate juice might be responsible for plaque reduction on artery walls and play a part in reducing oxidative stress on endothelial cells (the cells that line the blood vessels), producing a substance called nitric oxide, which helps the blood vessels relax. It was discovered that the heart cells of mice that were given pomegranate juice had a 50 percent increase in nitric oxide and nearly a 30 percent reduction in plaque.

Researchers stated that the two main problems with pomegranate consumption are that they are pricey and not the easiest fruit to find.

The site sells 6 - 16oz bottles of 100% pomegranate juice for around $20 bucks, and drop dead sexy bottles too. :leftie:

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In the US, Trader Joes has 100% pomegranate juice for 3.99 a quart.

It’s unsweetened, and straight pomegranate juice is a little bitter, but I can still chug it down. I sometimes add a little bit of stevia to sweeten it up.

Ike, I guess that since you never mentioned it, that it hasn’t had any NOX like benefits on erection? Still, if it’s as effective as claimed for heart and arterial health I think I’ll still order a batch and see if it’s easy to live with.


I love pomegranates. I think some of the medical research used doses as low as 4 ounces per day and found significant effects. Impressive :up:

Just a quick update for UK people who might be looking for this stuff. There’s one brand that has made it to the shops. I haven’t tried it yet:

pomegranate is high in antioxidants for one and has been the subject of some interesting health studies. That Pom WOnderful stuff is WAY overpriced in the states.

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I love the stuff. Drink a 6 pack of it every week. The mango flavor is my favorite (the original tastes a lot like prune juice). Kinda expensive, but well worth it.


I posted in this forum 5-18-05 in a thread regarding cGMP,NO, and pomegranate juice. The effect of raising NO has only been documented in cardiac tissue, not the CC, but, one could speculate and do a personal experiment and observation.

I’ve been doing this with PJ, blueberries, and dark chocolate, and I think I can tell a diference in erection quality. The research shows that dark chocolate raises NO more that PJ. Google dark chocolate and cacao beans.

Interesting! It’ll be a shame if the NO doesn’t help erections, but then again, wasn’t viagra originally supposed to be a cardiac type drug? I wonder if the PJ would have similar benefits to the NO pills used for getting a pump in the gym?

I’m still going to get some PJ though. Tonight is weekly shop night, and now that I know where it’s stocked I’m switching shops. Some of the other claimed benefits would work really well for penis health anyhow, as a long term policy.

Well, I got me some pomegranate from Morrisons just now. It tastes just like a decent juice, not sharp at all as I was expecting. It is only 30% though, along with some other fruit concentrate I’ve never heard of. I guess the other stuff is to make it more palatable. Still, it says on the carton that 1x 250ml is enough for the claimed heart benefits. At £1.29 for a litre it’s much cheaper than the online stuff I was looking at. I’ll try it for a few weeks and see how it goes.

Originally Posted by Shiver
Interesting! It’ll be a shame if the NO doesn’t help erections….

It does. In fact, erections would be impossible without nitric oxide.



Originally Posted by avocet8
It does. In fact, erections would be impossible without nitric oxide.

Expectant pointed out that the studies were only measuring cardiac tissue. I don’t know if NO production is systemically generated/distributed, or whether it varies at different localities. I would expect it to be systemic and have similar effects as say Arginine over time, but it’s not something I’ve experimented with yet. I’m interested to see if enhanced NO generation alone makes a noticable difference, then later try it with a PDE-5 inhibitor at the other end of the ‘chain’ to see how things pan out.

In another thread you mentioned that the flushing effect of sildenafil often wears off with repeated use. In yet another current thread there is discussion about L-Histadine being of possible benefit in producing Histamine to overcome depletion. It makes me wonder if histamine depletion is an effect of continued sildenafil use, and how an NO supplement and L-Histadine might affect sildenafil/tadalafil for better or worse.

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