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Pomegranate Juice for Penis Growth

Pomegranate Juice for Penis Growth

Hi Everyone ~ just wanted to say I have been using Pomegranate Juice Concentrate for 2 months and feel it has REALLY helped my growth! Just do a google search on the benefits of Pomegrante Juice for the science behind it. The primary action is the Nitric Oxide (NO) that relaxes blood vessels and increases blood flow. This is similar to the effect of Arginine but pomegranate has a MUCH better effect in regards to PE. As an added bonus your blood pressure will drop about 30 points in a few months time! I have been noticing a MUCH better hang and great results after using this juice. The juice can be kind of expensive but the way to go is using a concentrate. Pomegrate juice is also the BEST cure for free radicals (better than red wine, or any other natural product). I have also noticed a bigger size load since using it ~ Peter North here I come! Seriously… any product that really increases blood flow naturally is super healthy for PE. This juice also cleans out your arteries (in 1 years time a 9% reduction in artery plaque). This will probably be the next must-have supplement of the decade!

Sounds like it’s worth a try. It doesn’t give you the runs does it?

No way… This is my favorite supplement of all time. Try POM in the grocery store or buy a concentrate online. You will be amazed! I never got the runs… and I can get it easily especially when drinking apple cider or veg drink supplement like KYROGREEN. This is the bomb!!

I love pomegranates and pomegranate juice, so it shouldn’t be that hard to do. How often/how much do you drink per day/week?

I work in a supermarket so that is perfect. I’ve tried the POM brand pomegranate teas but I never checked the juice content in them. I’ll have to check it out.

I drink it once per day. I use 4 squirts of concentrate that is equal to the juice of one medium sized pomegranate. Anyone interested should seriously google this stuff as the science and results are amazing. The leading brands are POM, Brownwood farms, Life extension ( for pom pills… wish I started this stuff sooner!

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I’ve never drank it consistently enough to notice any effects on my penile protuberance, but I think I’ll start.

I did recently buy some good vodka. Last weekend when we had a couple of friends over I made cocktails with vodka and pomegranate juice over ice with a slice of lime. Goes down easy. Women love it.

Hmm, sounds interesting.

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So would you still take Arginine while taking it or would you take it as a replacement?

I knew that drinking all those Shirley Temples would pay off someday!

*You're in the right place – all the information you could ever need about PE is only a forum search away!*

Take your time, pick a simple routine you can stick to, and be consistent in your efforts. Patience is the key.

Not topic related, but Mjolnir; awesome name and avatar. Norse mythology is badass.

I just started using pomegranate concentrate and it’s pretty great. What look like bigger erections and much bigger cum loads.

19th Feb 2012

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Heck I will have to do some research about this and give it a test run, thank you for filling us in.

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Ahh, good stuff. I drink it whenever I have the chance, but never regularly enough to notice any effects on my johnson. I’ll have to start incorporating it into my daily routine. Thanks for the tip.

A few people have Pm’d me asking what brand I use and what effects it’s had on me. I’m actually using a brand from a UK health stores own brand, and it’s not concentrated pomegranate juice, it’s actually a pomegranate extract.

Each tablet contains 200mg Pomegranate extract (standardised to 40% Ellagic Acid) and Pomegranate Seed Powder 150mg.

I initially bought these due to their properties in reducing artery plaque and overall good health and I noticed about after a week and had larger cum loads which were less water like liquid and more gel like, and really hard erections, I also haven’t kegeled for about a week so it’s not due to kegels.

Hope this helps guys!

19th Feb 2012

Erect: 7.625" BPEL and 4.875" EG BPFSL: 8.063 Short Term Goal: 7.75" x 5 Long Term Goal: BP 8.5 x EG 5.75

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