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Pomegranate Juice for Penis Growth

Thanks kbvk

It has a great price (20 bucks for 300 capsules) but… why so much difference (in general the capsules are between 250 mg and 500 mg each) with the “Pomegranate Juice Concentrate 6000mg” (6000 mg each as it name says) one?

If you buy 2 they send to you one free and the cost for shipping to Spain it is only 4 gbp so in total you get 3 months for 52 $, not a great deal but not expensive at all… .

I am plaining to combine the capsules with a Pomegranate Juice Concentrate. I don´t have decided wich brand choose yet I am between these:

Naturally Pomegranate, about 12 $ (without shipping costs), 16 oz.
Life Extension Pomegranate Juice Concentrate, about 19 $ (without shipping costs), 16 oz.
Jarrow Formula Pomegranate Juice Concentrate, about 27 $ (without shipping costs), 24 oz.

If anyone has experience with one of these just let me know, I really don´t care about the price, just want to pick up the strongest one


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kakarotto, Each capsule is 250mg. 2 capsules per serving which makes 250x2=500mg.

Id rather take the capsules you can get it cheaper through Puritan Pride.


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kakarotto, Each capsule is 250mg. 2 capsules per serving which makes 250x2=500mg.

Yes but I don´t get yet why the huge difference between the 250 mg and the 6000 mg one it is like you eat twenty four of the 250 mg!

I have find a very interesting page with a reasonably price

They have a product called ” Wonderful Pomegranate Liquid Fruit Supplement” that seems to be strongest that any Pomegranate Juice Extract:

It seems to be a very powerful concentrate but my english don´t let me go further LOL

I am plaining to combine these “ultra concentrate” with the 6000 mg capsules and let the AAKG out


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What’s that 6000mg thing you are talking about?

The liquid form you mentioned above is $15 for 60 servings.

Per Serving:
150mg of Anthocyanins (Antioxidants)
125 mg Ellagic Acid
70 mg Punicalligans
= 345mg of Antioxidants

The one I mentioned is $20 for 150 servings. 500mg per serving and it’s 70% extract (Ellagic Acid) which means it contains 350mg Antioxidants per serving.
I think…granate-Extract is still the cheaper one but the liquid form above has two other active ingredients which might be benficial.
If we know which active ingredient is more important then I would be able to decide which product to try. Moreover we should be looking for quality as well which usually depends on the manufacturer IMO.

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Originally Posted by kingpole
Id rather take the capsules you can get it cheaper through Puritan Pride.


I searched for Pomegrante in the above link. I couldn’t find any.

So my Pomegranate Juice Concentrate 6000mg -…p?ProductID=147
arrived today. It says that each pill is 240mg - Pomegranate juice (Concentrated extract equivalent to 6000mg of pomegranate).
I’ll probably get to use them next week when my 100% pure pomegranate extract juice runs out.

On a side note - I think that sucks. My gingko biloba was shipped on friday 04.04.08 and it still hasn’t arrived.
It could’ve been held for inspection by the toll office but it still shouldn’t take that long. Maybe it’ll arrive today, who knows.

Enough of that, I’ll let you guys know if my Pomegranate Juice Concentrate 6000mg is any good when I can.

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International orders take weeks. Usually packages are kept at local customs for inspection. It used to take 30 to 45 days to get my orders from to India.

The link in your post doesn’t work.

Sorry, the link should work now…p?ProductID=147

I’ve ordered all kinds of stuff from Hong Kong, the UK, Canada and the US. The average time for arrival after the item is shipped has been a week MAX. I haven’t ordered any pills before so that must be the reason.
My order of Pomegranate Juice Concentrate 6000mg was despatched on the 14th and arrived here on the 18th. Their shop is located in the UK, but still.

Yeah, it’s probably being held up by the local customs - they’re probably overdosing on it as I write this.

2007: 6.7" EL 4.7" MSEG

Now : 7.4" EL 4.95" MSEG

What’s that 6000mg thing you are talking about?

shrubbery post a link in the second page and in his ultimate post but this “6000 mg” are a bit “tricky” because each pill is 240 mg that are the equivalent to 6000 mg of pomegranate so the link you posted are stronger (250 mg vs 240 mg) if I didn´t misunderstood nothing.

I want to find out the best capsules and the best concentrate so I can combine both


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Hello again, I have find these capsules of 750 mg (70% egallic acid) each:…&Category_Code=

3 bottles (3 months supply) at 19.50 $ without shipping cost, they are not the cheaper but it seems to be the strongest


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So does this one really work ? :)

I drank almost 1 dl (1/10 litre) of “double concentrated” unrefined juice yesterday and today. Didn’t notice ANY significant effects even though I consumed almost 5 times the recommended dose. But.. we’ll see.

btw: Also, I should have checked the ingredients, didn’t expect the “natural” juice would have the combination of Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C which is also in the juice naturally) and Sodium Benzoate, which creates Benzene. A poison, carcinogen. Google a bit if you interested, I for sure won’t buy the same brand of this juice anymore (Optima). Losers.

I drink the POM juice because Ive loved pomegranites since I was a kid and I like the taste, also for the anti oxidants but I had no idea it does anything to your dick. I dont drink it everyday tho, just when I have a craving every once in a while. Ithink I might start daily.

How much should you drink per day. This stuff is indeed expensive. I bought a 32 oz. bottle for $7. If you was to drink an 8 oz. glass everyday, the stuff would be gone in 4 days.


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