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Theres been a lot of scams surrounding pills and their effectiveness. But on this site thereare a lot of forums that address the same topic with less prejudice against it. It almos seems as if there were actually usefulness intaking pills. Not to be cynical, but with all these exercises and diagrams you feel a bit secure about natural enlargement yet with pills I have never been able to find any proofthat is “applicable” to the masses. Do they really work?

>Do they really work?<


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Well, you can’t say NO.

Some of those pills help circulate more blood to your penis. And this is suppose to aid in recovery and overall growth. However, talking pills by itself will have no effect whatsoever. MAYBE, used in conjunction with a good PE routine, it may help speed up growth.

^ Then again if that’s true, Going into a sauna for 30 minutes a day will get you the same results. So it really depends on you. You wanna spend 40 bucks a month on some herbs?

Pills will shrink your wallet but not make your penis bigger.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Listen to the moderators here - they’ve been around the block enough to know about this particular issue.

Anything marketed as a penis pill is going to cost a fortune and have questionable ingredient sources. Look around this board for herbal supplements - some of these in proper dosage and concentration for your body MAY give you a little boost in blood flow, libido, or other characteristics. Of course, growth is dependent on your individual body and exercise routine. Don’t be taken in by the hype for Enzyte or any other penis pills out there, nomatter how many “testimonials” are thrown on the commercial or web page.

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