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Originally Posted by chainz 8
In your opinion, what would be a good balance of both? Equal doses ? I’m a carpenter not a doctor so I don’t know too much about it.

No way you would take equal doses. I can’t say for sure but your copper intake would be more like 2mg taken twice a day. If you are taking a multi vitamin, it probably has some copper in it so you can take just one 2mg copper.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

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I do not think many here need to worry about copper/zinc balance. Let me put it this way. If you have copper plumbing your getting copper in your water. A multi-vitamin would probably be enough for insurance. If you take more than 100mg of zinc a day, maybe just maybe you will need extra copper but I doubt it.

I personally would not mega dose on zinc longer than about a months time. But I’m sure plenty of guys have and do and are fine for it. Do the research. Make you choices. Your responsible for you.


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