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The mislabeled bottle is pretty bad.

Horny Bastard

OK, I have tried the Phoenix product a couple of times now and here are some comments.

The first time I tried it I took 1/2ml and instantly noticed this was in an alcohol base which freaked me a little as I haven’t touched alcohol in several years. I also thought it tasted worse then the Kitsnmore. The tadalafil worked, although it seemed not as strong as the Kitsnmore, but it did last for a couple of days. I decided I should up the dosage next time, since this is mixed at 25mg/ml vs 30mg/ml for the Kits.

After 3 days I took it for the second time and took 3/4ml. The effect was more similar to the Kits product this time, although still perhaps slightly less. After 12 hours I got a headache, although I can’t say for sure it was from the tadalafil.

If I had to compare Kits to Phoenix and they were both selling for the same price, I would pick Kits. For me the Kits taste was better, it has no alcohol and I seemed to get a slightly better response. Since the Phoenix product has the better price for the moment, it is worth giving it a try if your supply is running low. Just dose it slightly higher then you are used to for Kits.

And take it with a bite of lime chaser. :D

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thanks for the response grpent

Originally Posted by webslave
thanks for the response gprent

How the hell did you find that so fast? :)


I bought some liquid C on Sept. 13 and it was still mislabeled. But they seem to be excellent on communication, as opposed to Kits, which must be an ll-tempered lot.

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9/21/07 6.25" 4.75" 8.25" 5.65" 9.20"

Thanks for the update slezak.


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