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Keep in mind that a scent that turns you on may not turn your partner on at all. Our conditioning to various scents is highly subjective. I have a friend, for example, who cannot bear the smell of Jasmine because there was a bush of it outside and below her hospital room blooming during the time she was very sick. Smelling it now as a perfume or cologne nauseates her.

The “musk” scents work for a lot of men but use them very lightly. You want to smell, ideally, like a clean human.



Shiver if the one I ordered doesn’t work, I will order some from that site. But it isn’t that easy to figure out which one to order. I have to read more about that whole thing I think ;)
Just ordering any random product like I did, doesn’t seem the way to go.

I rather look aggressive and confident, and a bit arrogant, not caring, so I hope it won’t give me any negative effects.

Girth gains for better sex, length gains for a worthless ego boost.


There is a product on there called Chikara that sounds like it might be your kind of thing. There’s another one called WAGG (What A Great Guy) that seems to have a lot of fans too, but I’ve never tried that one. I believe there is a lighter version of it with less androsterone for exactly what you describe. I didn’t know about it though until after I’d ordered.

I come across as arrogant and not caring, but with more of a ‘stay away from me’ than confident unless I push really myself out there. I’ve found that Chikara works well making me chatty (not sure yet what it does to others), and Perception(tm) adds to the aggressiveness. This seems to be a double edged sword though. Male friends have said they feel edgy (like when you know there’s a fight about to break out but you don’t know why). Women I’ve noticed either decide I’m an asshole, or if they are already ‘admirers from afar’ then they get quite overwhelmed.

There’s definately something to all this, but it’s not a ‘use this to get that result’ as it combines with so many other variables it takes a lot of time and experimentation to work out what suits your natural profile, the particular environment you’ll be in (work, social, people density per sq/ft etc), and also whether it’s straight after a shower or after sweating a lot. If you have a lot of dirt on you, as opposed to just a lot of sweat, then it can smell quite nasty.

The only three that seem to be available are Androsterone, Androsenone and Androstenol. There are however thousands of them naturally. The Androsterone version I would liken to the effects of extremely high Testosterone in terms of signature, with Androstenol being a more gentle and friendly one. I haven’t figured the ‘none one out yet.

Edit: If you try it and it doesn’t get the result you wanted, use *less* not more next time. The label doses are very excessive (for me at least) with some of the pheromones, whereas others I can use a lot with no ill effects.

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interesting article attached.

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-Still bitter the y2k bug was a dud.

-My dear boy, do you ask a fish how it swims? (No.) Or a bird how it flies? (No.) Of course not. They do it because they were born to do it...

I used a bottle of that stuff, and did not notice any difference (i bought it on ebay, so maybe the formula was 10 ml water + 1 ml pee :) ). But my advice is wear Chrome by Azzaro, and drive them wild. I don’t know what they love about it, but they DO love it that’s for sure:)

Also male body releases pheremones after sex, so the more you get laid, the more you will get laid. So jerking off (with ejaculation) before hitting a club would be a good idea. Plus you won’t look so desperate although you are burning on the inside:P

You can also “optimize” your natural pheromone output pretty easily and cheaply, go to articles section here:

With the product I use I haven’t seen any big differences BUT guys seem to be more friendly, don’t ask me why!

Girth gains for better sex, length gains for a worthless ego boost.


What product do you use? Maybe you just aren’t noticing the reactions from women.

I but the stuff, and have gotten laid ten times more than before. I wear it always before a date. It’s a secret weapon.


Btw- I don’t but the stuff.. I buy the stuff.

Just like one other other posters said, girls are more touchy feely, it’s weird. Use it and be cool, and you will probably get some. The idea is let it work it’s magic and try not to screw it up.


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