Phenibut for erections?

I was reading on MoS a couple months ago about Phenibut and how good it was for anxiety… I tried it and sure enough it kills anxiety 100%. After a few days of use tho the effects taper off *but* one thing I’ve noticed is that I get much stronger and more frequent erections. Even after long term use when the big anti-anxiety effects are only vaguely noticable due to tolerance I still get the erection benefit. In fact the more I take the hornier I get… Take to much tho and I wish I haden’t =P For the best effect I take anywhere from 1-1.5 grams 1-2 times a day.

Just curious if others have noticed this effect of phenibut as well. I know someone else who has tried it but they said all it did for them was make their head spin with a headache. Not the same effects for everyone I guess! (note: this guy with the headaches takes quite a few other nootropic type of meds)

Just FYI I ordered from aka <- at the bottom of every page at there are a bunch of links to other supplement website I am just assuming they are all linked together somehow. Especially since some of my supplements from 1fast400 come labeled as being from bulknutrition =P

EDIT: When I think back to my experiment with injectable PT-141 from synergy I can compare the “long term use” erection effects of phenibut with PT-141 *but* the phenibut includes a hornyness factor the PT-141 did not give me.

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