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PGE1 and length


PGE1 and length

Question to any one who has done or is doing the chemical PE route with PGE1 and what not. Who has had success!

After doing clamping/pumping among other stuff for a little less then a year, I stopped gaining in girth or length for that matter.

I’ve been on 2 weeks of my routine (chemical PE), already noticing gains of girth.

I take PGE1, and dutosteride at the moment

PGE1 about 5 days a week, 2 or 3 on, 1 off

Dutosteride every day for 4 weeks then cycle DHT 4 to 6 weeks

Potaba/DMSO mix 2X a day

I try and go for 3 hour priapisms with 3X15min pumping sessions in between, then put on an ADS for a few hours after routine

I think it’s this combination of PGE1 with pumping that’s doing it for me.

I’m about to get some papaverine to add to the mix, see how this goes!

My questions are:

1. How can I target length gains more instead of girth with this routine?

2. I have heard with this routine you see mainly girth gains at first. If so, roughly, when do length gains start kicking in?

Luckily I hardly get any pain with PGE1, which allows me to put on ADS after routine

After priapism it feels sore like a very good workout!

One weird thing with me is while on PGE1 my erections seem to subside if I don’t continuously stimulate my penis. Not sure why this is,
But the only thing I can think off/feel is low testosterone (since I’ve used steroids in the past). Guess I will no more when I start cycling DHT!
However, I feel adding a vasodialator to my PGE1 would prob help with this.

3. Any one else have this issue?

4. Any one else using anything else including whats mentioned here?

5. Any one using papaverine?

This has got to be one of the most ridiculous routines I’ve ever heard of on Thunders. Priapism = not good. Sore dick = not good. Not being able to maintain an erection even while on PGE1 = not good at all. Using PGE1 five days a week is crazy. Be careful or you’re going to end up giving yourself ED with this routine.

i did some research on chemical pe and the consensus is that it is worthless, junk science

It is dutAsteride I think, and I can’t see how that could be linked in anyway with penile gains.

I suggest you stop putting shit in your body.

I didn’t think anyone was doing a chemical routine. I think it’s a bigger chance for my dick to be bigger if I cut it of and then with mind force make it grow out bigger then it was before then making it bigger with chemicals.

Wow, a lot of negativity here. I don’t think the OP asked “Do you guys think Chem PE is junk?”

sensemill, I hope you have a thick skin, and hopefully someone with experience in Chem PE will chime in with some helpful advice. :up:

My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

Sounds like you’re well on your way to ruining your dick and your body along with it.

I don’t see the point of the dutasteride either. One of the side effects of this is actually possible ED.

The fact that you’re not able to maintain a proper erection without stimulation while under the effect of PGE-1 alone should be a gigantic warning sign.

Other than that.. I really want to rant at you for your seemingly irresponsible approach to chemicals (for one, trying to treat side effects with more chemicals - seriously!) but you’ve left me speechless at the moment. And I guess it’s not really my business what you’re doing to your body, anyway.

First of all thanks to every one for your responses, weather negative or not.

Secondly and more importantly, I came on here not to push anything on anyone, not to convince any one to try chemical pe or anything that I am doing
I came on here to ask questions, not to get your opinion on what you think about what I’m doing.

If you have not tried this route then your negative feed back really means nothing! It’s like someone who has never done PE in
General telling you “your fckng nuts your going to break your c*ck!” yet we still tried it and where still on here

So far it’s looking promising for me, I notice girth gains that does not go away, to which my lady has commented on
And best of all, their not newbie girth gains, for I’ve been doing pe for a while now.

Most importantly, no negative PI’s
Still having morning woods, and my natural erections are still working strong.

I had problems with needing constant stimulation until I constricted using a shoe string for a couple minutes but it was important to do it right after the injection… I was unable to continue with the routine more than a week as that needle stick was not easy for me but I am going to watch this thread!

Originally Posted by sensemill


I came on here to ask questions, not to get your opinion on what you think about what I’m doing.


And where would be the difference?

The difference is pretty obvious

My questions are explicitly stated with a question mark and are numbered.

If I wanted opinions I would have asked

Great. Here we go:

1. In my opinion, this question makes little or no sense.
2. In my opinion, as with any other routine, when you put in length exercises, like stretching.
3. In my opinion, anyone who bases his routine on girth focused exercises, like pumping and clamping, will likely have this issue.
4. In my opinion, no.

Thank you for your input

As you mentioned about the dutasteride, I comletely forgot this supplement would hinder my sex drive and now that you mention your part about pumping and clamping, I think I will cut my pumping down to half and eliminate clamping.

The reason I’m taking dutasteride is to lower DHT in the penis, before doing my DHT(andractim) cycle.

With low DHT in the penis, the androgen receptors become more sensitive. This sensitivity translates to more efficient DHT gel use.

This is barely the beginning of this endeavor for me, but so far it’s looking promising.

Past your puberal age, DHT will not make your penis bigger, you are just messing with your hormonal balance.

I suggest you try a more reasoned approach to ‘natural PE’, gains could be more satisfying (and less costly) than what you could achieve transforming yourself in a guinea-pig.

A number of people have tried ‘chemical PE’, results have been doubious when not negative.

I know you don’t want to hear this, but this is a forum and people are supposed to give their opinions (in your same interest, BTW). :)

I wish you the best sensemill.. Don’t listen to all these people reacting with emotions. It takes people like you and me to break down barriers and try new things.. I am starting my chemical pe journey soon as well!! All the best.


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