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Peyronies + Vitamin E

Peyronies + Vitamin E

I have a dosage question. They often say Vitamin E is a “possible” plaque preventing solution for someone with peyronies (still questioning whether I have it), but You can buy vitamin E in alotments of 400 iu bottles or 1000 iu. I have heard the recommeneded dosage is anywhere from 800 iu to 1200 iu a day. I bought a bottle of 1000 iu, which is 1 pill for the day. Is it better to go lower and take several pills a day, or just take 1 to get the amount you need?


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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

I was just recommended vitamin E by my urologist (see post about grey discoloration in injury forum) … he said 800 i.u./day but one pill was fine.


I bought a bottle of 400 ius, I take 1 in the morning and 1 at night.

That would seem to make alot of sense….it’s usually always better to spread out your vitamins, food, water, protein etc.. as the body will probably absorb and use more of it.



It is important to find out if you have peyronie’s or you don’t. If you don’t have it, you don’t go through the hassle of trying to correct it.

It is usually suggested that Vitamin E be applied directly to the plaque site when there is plaque buildup. There are a lot of vitamin E lotions out there in various strengths.

But if you don’t have any plaque buildup, just a “normal” curve or bend - and these are very common in men and not a problem, Vitamin E isn’t going to do anything to change your angle.

In fact Vitamin E does not help as often as it does help in correcting a bend.

There is a new form of surgery now that is less invasive for Peyronie’s than previous methods. I’ll try to remember to hunt for a link to Medscape about it. (If I don’t do that, PM me.) But surgery is the resort only for very serious bends that are painful or interfere with usual sex positions.



Hi Avocet8,

Can you clarify “In fact Vitamin E does not help as often as it does help in correcting a bend” ?

My urologist said that Vitamin E “may” be helpful to heal tissue in the penis, as it has been for some of his patients … He didn’t say anything about the bend.


My understanding is that Vitamin E softens the plaque and scar tissue hence helping it go away.

I have been talking to IOWA on here since last night about peyronies. He saw my pictures and asked me some questions about indentions, creases, folds, etc… and he felt, after talking with me, that I may have a mild form of peyrnoies as he feels my bend is quite severe.

He recommened doing alot of massaging in the areas and feeling for any pea sizes buildups or hard tiny crystals. These i don’t believe I have as I was feeling around. I know that, with how my bend works, that the plaque or scar tissue would be on the underside of my penis.

800 IU of vitamin E, even if I don’t have peyrnoies, is actually good for you, so its not a win lose situation.

One of the key issues IOWA wanted to find out is if I had a noticable fold in my penis. I told him, from a visual standpoint, no I don’t. But if I am semi hard, semi soft, I am able to bend/fold my penis upwards and toward my body and it happens at about the mid shaft point, right in the center of the bend. When I am hard, and I feel in that area, it does feel a little indented or like there is a mild crease there.

He told me that is almost a tell tale sign that one may have a case of peyronies.

One exercise he told me to try , because he has cured his form of peyrnoies doing this, is that once you get 90% erect, very carefull, grab the area that has the bend in it. Then use your other hand to hold the base. Then very slowly start to twist the whole penis, essentially attempting to get the underside facing upwards. ONce in this position, give it a nice slow pull outward. He said you will feel a stretch of the tissues and muscles, especially the scar tissue area as this is the toughest to stretch. He said it took him 2 years to cure his, because he didn’t want to do the surgury route and I sure as hell am not taking that route.

My sex life is fine, I have no pain, I am just using standards PE routines that will not only make my dick larger, but hopefully straight it out, even if its a little.

If it doesn’t straighten out, and assuming I still have no pain and no problems with sex, I will leave it as is.

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