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Permanent ENLAREMENT With Stem Cells?

We are talking stem cells, right? Wouldn’t it cause the growth of an itty-bitty brain in your penis?

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I had one treatment with adipose stem cells, and due for another followup treatment with PRP to help further the hair growth. Here is the number to reach the lab / doctor office where they specialize in hair treatments:

1 (866)-570-8310

This is interesting. Definitely going to keep following this.

L-Arginine is a PE wonder-supplement!!

When do you actually go in? Could you have this done in the US or do you have to go into another country?

05/01/2012 BPEL 6.000 EG 5.500

10/19/2012 BPEL 6.625 EG 5.500 BPSL 7.2

First Goal BPEL 7 - End of 2012 second goal BPEL 8

Originally Posted by marinera
It will accomplish nothing. Spongey material (smooth muscle in CC) is filled with blood when you have an erection. Assuming your CC are healthy, there isn’t basically a limit to the amount of expansion they can achieve. What is limiting the girth expansion is tunica albuginea, a very thin but very strong foil of connective tissue that envelopes CC.

I actually think he’s unknowingly talking about the dartos fasica when he refers to spongey material. When PLGA scaffolds are used for penis enlargement, usually with limited success, they are seeded with cells and grow into to new adipose tissue, like dartos. The Dr with most experience using PLGA in the US, is Anthony Atala and he doesn’t think the scaffolds even need to be seeded with cells and that by just implanting the scaffolds, cells from to penis will grow into it and new tissue will form. I don’t actually know if this is at all relevant to what is being discussed here, but I think it at least indicates that it’s most likely tissue between the skin and Bucks Fascia that will be effected by the Stem Cells, if this were to work.

Me too, I was thinking that the sole way it could work is adding tissue outside of tunica, between the Bucks’ fascia and skin. That’s where I think also a lot of temporary enlargement when pumping comes, through fluids accumulation.

Originally Posted by iamaru

We are talking stem cells, right? Wouldn’t it cause the growth of an itty-bitty brain in your penis?

I already have a brain in my penis, and it has caused me no end of problems ;-)

Hey jcgtampa, how is your treatment going?

01/02/2010 17,5cm BP x 13,25cm 18/03/2010 18,3cm BP x 13,5cm Rest. = 3,5cm x 3,5cm ---meta---> 21cm BP x 16,5cm=>

02/01/2010 6.89'' BP x 5.1" 03/18/2010 7.2" x 5.3"------goal---> 8.25" BP x 6.5 Left = 1.4" x 1.4" ------goal---> 8.25" BP x 6.5

I am curious to I was wondering how it went.

05/01/2012 BPEL 6.000 EG 5.500

10/19/2012 BPEL 6.625 EG 5.500 BPSL 7.2

First Goal BPEL 7 - End of 2012 second goal BPEL 8

Any updates?

Any updates at all?

Would be nice to hear any updates…

I googled it and I found this (and more):…ment-s/1906.htm

Seems pretty legit to me. If not, she (and Dr Runels) would be in jail by now I guess? There must be some kind of law even in the USto prevent scam selling? ;)

If I was living i the US I would try it in a heartbeat. Is there really not anyone of the serious PE-people in here that are willing to try this? It is not very expensive and the side effects seem to be that you get a harder stiffy (90 % of all men). So insted of complaining about this can’t someone trustworthy try it?

If you buy me a ticket from Stockholm to the US I will be a willing test subject! The fund raising has started. State how much you are willing to give to this research project. If we get enough money I will do this as a scientific research project following a rigid protocol with pictures, measurement etc as you would want it in order to make the results trustworthy :) Really. I’m game!

Where did this dude go ? He could very well have a huge cock penetrating everything in sight forgetting that he has a responsibility to this cause. Just saying. Wish we could get an update. Anybody else made any new discoveries on the subject ?

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I found a thread similar to this with detailed updates and conclusion: So I got the “M” shot or Priapus shot today

I think if you can gain with natural PE, stick with natural PE. Grow your dick and maintain/grow your bank account at the same time.

You may be right brownstyle.


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