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Perfect supplements for PE and vitality?


Pomegranate is great for sex drive in my experience. Give it a try, it makes you feel great. Have it morning and night.

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Gained an inch in length so far just from manual stretching and a homemade penis tonic. (Olive oil, vitamin E, arnica, rosemary, lavender) and by consuming Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng and pomegranate juice.

Originally Posted by kingdong69
Just found this website:

‘The amphetamines are potent psychomotor stimulants. Their use causes a release of the excitatory neurotransmitters dopamine and noradrenaline (norepinephrine) from storage vesicles in the CNS. Amphetamines may be sniffed, swallowed, snorted or injected. They induce exhilarating feelings of power, strength, energy, self-assertion, focus and enhanced motivation. The need to sleep or eat is diminished. The release of dopamine typically induces a sense of aroused euphoria which may last several hours: unlike cocaine, amphetamine is not readily broken down by the body. Feelings are intensified. The user may feel he can take on the world.
The euphoria doesn’t last. There follows an intense mental depression and fatigue. Amphetamine depletes the neuronal stores of dopamine in the mesolimbic pleasure centres of the brain.

More than any other illegal drug, speed is associated with violence and anti-social behavior. Occasional light and infrequent use is probably relatively harmless; but heavy chronic use can lead to stereotypies of behavior, depressive disorders, “meth bugs” akin to cocaine-induced formication, strain on the cardiovascular system, increasing behavioral disintegration, and outright “amphetamine psychosis”.

This relates to everything that I’ve been feeling since taking all those pills. Whenever I go out and get drunk if I can’t get a girl I go crazy, really violent and go looking for fights and smash up shop windows and stuff. Before I used to be the opposite. Also, I drive like a maniac with dance music pumping, windows down and doing handbralke turns and shit. LOL. Sometimes I feel I’m on top of the world and know I’m acting a total dick and really aggressive. So obviousley I had to go off them but then became really depressed. I started only taking a couple recently to improve EQ but am getting hyper and restless again and now exhausted for lack of decent sleep. So yeah just cause their herbs don’t take them lightly.

Good point.
This is why I only take herbs without the stimulants. What I don’t understand is why they combine herbs that cause shrinkage(guarana) with herbs that expand(Ginkgo). You get constrictors combined with blood vessel dilators. If you were to get a paper cut you would bleed a lot. I try to take only things that expand my blood vessels. Reasons they don’t raise blood pressure. They may even lower it and give you a slight energy boost and great erections (decaf: Green tea,Black tea,Coffee,Ginkgo,Garlic,Cayenne)
I also like the effects of Alpha Arginine Ketoglutarate and Glutamine they also help with erections, weight loss, muscle building.

Chronic use of stimulants example combining ginseng with caffeine can cause anxiety and elavate blood pressure. Ginseng works great without the addition of second stimulant, it has stimulant properties of it’s own. However now and then a stimulant can be used to stave off stress.Warning ginseng is great for reversing ED but you should go off of it at least 7 days out of every month.

Your stacker’s and penis pills will often have a combination of both constrictors and dilators and I’m not sure if long term use of these substances is all that safe.

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Originally Posted by btamboli

Haha maybe we should trade advice then spaghettidick! I would love another inch or two and maybe another .5 of girth but one inch is my ideal! He he send me a copy of your workout!

Stretch stretch stretch, jelq. Oh yeah and did I mention that you need to stretch?

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Originally Posted by kingdong69
Have you ever tried amphetamines before. Taking all these supplements at the same time is basically the equivalent (herbal or not). Believe me. I was taking all these and more and was speeding out my mind for months, always full of energy, could never sleep, shagging at 100mph, hyperactive like a child, non-stop talking (and I’m quiet and shy usually). Well I had to stop because I became exhausted, paranoid and psychotic just like the long-term effects of speed. Just thought I’d warn you. My mind still buzzes at 100mph. I truly believe these supps have screwed my brain chemistry by overflowing dopamine. Hopefully in time it will repair. But probably taking only one or two and alternating them with breaks is ok. Out of all of them I would recommend Muira Puama as best for erection quality.

In fact yohimbe is the best. It gives me better erections than viagra and for a whole day. My erections re like 110% with yohimbe and feel great. Sensations feel great too. But it makes me feel sick and gives me heart palpitations. So, I don’t use it often. I want to experiment with lower doses.

Did you try muira puama? Which source? I ordered some and hope it works.

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Hi guys,

What do you think of extagen pills as suppplement for pe. I heard it is getting rave reviews has anyone out there tried it yet


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