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Penis Pills

Penis Pills

I know they aren’t a miracle drug but what results if any have you guys gotten from them?

I’m just wondering if they can help me reach my goal more efficiently when combined with pe exercizes…

To simplify your answer yes they can.

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Hey airforce,

Read some of the opinions in this forum before you waste more money than you need too. The Longitude thread at the top of this forum should give you an idea of what these “penis pills” actually cost the people selling them.

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Check the supplements forum

Check out the ingredients and prices of those pills, then click here and look for the Male #1 & 2 mixes towards the bottom of the page. I’ve been using this company for a while and haven’t once looked back.

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The only “miracle” drug I’ve found so far is L-Arginine ( Base ) that restores my load after ejaculation in half the time, as seen by how quickly my dick gets girthy again ( it also increases semen volume noticeably ). Creatine may help especially if you’re bodybuilding too. It’s another quick recovery supplement. This may not affect you at all since you are only 18 yrs. old and can reload in no time. I’m 43.

Don’t get VP-RX. That’s a rip-off, however, if some of the ingredients in that drug or any other drug get you hornier, it tends to speed up recovery time from intense PE sessions. And that will enhance PE but do your research since pills can get expensive. The best place I’ve found for supplements by the bulk is I, myself, would not consider getting any pills marketed specifically for penis enlargement at all.

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