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Penis Pills (longitude, etc...)

Penis Pills (longitude, etc...)

I am new here. It seems as though with all the stretching, and various other techniques here, wouldn’t Penis Pills (100% guarantee type) combined with stretching increase the development phases by maybe 50%? Stretching and excercises, in a sense, break down the cells in the penis, where as the pills would provide the nutrition for healing. I need help in guidance to get on track. Very good info here.

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Hey cojosurfer,

Spend some time reading about the various supplements here and on the web. They are the same ingredients that are in the “magic pills” at about 1/4th the cost. Plus you know what you are taking, instead of some “proprietary blend” which could mean floor sweepings.

Bottom line is, none of those pills is going to give you a bigger dick. Some of the ingredients may help you in a PE program by increasing circulation, but that is about it. As far as the “money back” deal, good luck collecting it.

All the info you need to get started on your way to a bigger dick is here. It is hard work for most of us, some are lucky bastards, but it does work and the sooner you get started, the sooner you will find that out.

BTW, we have a money back guarantee also, we don’t charge you anything for the info and we give you that back if it doesn’t work. :)

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breaking my no post thing.....can't resist this

don’t waste your money on that fucking stuff hawked by the buxom Ginger Lynn who
says:”Money and fast cars are nice, but women really want a bigger man.”

She is playing on the insecurities of millions of desperate men seeking a quick solution, and I myself wonder about the
money back gurantee……shit, they’d have to return virtually every dollar

I told bib I’ll bet there are going to be sucides over this shit.

What a pure 100% ripoff.

I can’t add much to what thunderSS said. The main ingredient, as always, is a low dose
of yohimbine, which over time if taken regularly does increase blood flow and does help with
ED symtoms, in some but not all men.

The only ones who gain are those who are so shrunk and dysnfucntional, that a better erection
“appears” longer visually.

It is just a more functional member of the same size.


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